2010 – Mid June Blog

And They’re Off!

Well, the World Cup is underway and a new fishing season is upon us so lest you’ve forgotten what it’s all about, here are three clips portraying anglers doing what most of you have been eager to do for at least three months, probably nearer six or eight months in a lot of cases.

The first clip is a classi

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  1. Only one comment from me Bob, we have a series of “film clips” planned for the new BS website.

  2. That’s excellent news Fred. If you will be good enough to let me know when they are published I’ll gladly include a link in the next blog.

  3. leeds beat arsenal in the fa cup in 72 also won the fairs cup the same same year (its now called the eufa ) they have not lost all there finals but a fair few bob

  4. The old (entry by invitation) Inter City Fairs Cup, eh? I think I’ve got the programme kicking around somewhere.

    Leeds did indeed beat Arsenal at Wembley, as I mentioned in the blog, not once, but twice. And if my memory serves me correctly wasn’t it a ‘sniffer’ Clarke goal in the FA cup?

    It was certainly a Terry Cooper goal in the League Cup and it was the very first trophy Leeds had won since Adam was a lad.

    By heck though, it was a VERY long time ago. Can it really be 38 years of drought?

    Just remind me again, how many trophies have Leeds won since 1972 compared with these other teams they claim to have HISTORY with, you know, like Liverpool and Man U?

    Here’s a fact to fascinate you. The world poulation in 1972 was 3.6 billion. Today it is in excess of 6.8 billion. Assuming 1.5% of the population dies each year there are now more people living on the planet who were not even born when Leeds last won at Wembley than actually lived on the planet when they won that one measley cup you all go on about!

    Did you know that those two teams I mentioned have shared the following honours:

    League 36
    FA Cup 18
    League Cup 11
    Community Shield 32
    European Cup 8
    UEFA Cup 3
    Cup Winners’ Cup 1
    European Super Cup 4
    Intercontinental Cup 1
    Club World Cup 1
    Total 115

    Now that’s what you call HISTORY 😉

    A season of mid-table stabilisation in the Championship if you’re lucky mate. See you at Caer Beris.

  5. I will Bob, but it’s a little bit away, development work at present.

    I saw Leeds loose to Sunderland at Wembley ’73? , apart from the Fulham West Ham one in ’75, they are the only FA Cup finals I was able to get tickets for!
    It was about that time I started to loose interest in professional football, I think.

  6. Bob
    do not dispute that at all, your man utd liverpool ect have far far better records and are bigger clubs , any footy
    fan knows that ! if leeds finish mid table next season or a least stay up that will be fine by me , football is all about ££££££ , i often wonder if any prem player could actually tie his own shoe laces ? and have you heard the leeds fans chant WE ARE NOT FAMOUS ANY MORE ! we never was the fans are even takin the mick out of themselves , and you cant call us glory supporters like you say we have not won owt , lets hope England can do something ! i watched em in Germany and Portugal with high hopes , i just do not think we are good enough ! anyway see you in wales hope to catch a few

    ps enjoyed the new dvd

  7. Hi Bob,

    Carpe Diem………….A dictum I try my best to live by but its not easy. I take it as meaning live for the moment and thats not an easy game to play although I find it much easier to do these days, its the only way though and quite possibly the secret of a contented life….getting too philosophical and not sure thats where you want to take your readers!

    If only the fishing world was as simple as the big business world eh Bob, we’d all be millionaires!

    Roll on June 16th, not for the fishing but my sixtieth birthday, don’t forget my card, email will do!

    Dave Mackay was one of my footballing heroes, Bremner was a very lucky boy, its a good job for the ginger one that the guy with the biggest chest in football was not too upset!

    Can’t get excited at all about the World Cup, shame really but connecting with this bunch is a step too far for me this time around,that might change in a week or two but I doubt it. Far more exciting watching Nadal at Wimbledon!

    All the best Bob.

  8. I’ve caught a similar red faced tench and was worried, I thought maybe it was just annoyed to have been out smarted, but I’m glad to hear its not serious!

  9. For “but it’s a little bit away, development work at present”, read “Bloody good idea Bob, we’ll get right on it” 🙂

    I’m only joking Fred, keep yer beard on.

  10. Now I’m confused.
    Do you think I’m clever?
    Are you joking when you say you think I’m clever?
    Are you being sarcastic and don’t think I’m clever even though the song relates to a long list of notable intellectuals?

    Fred, if you are going to throw insults about at least make them clear so we know what you think. 🙂

    Only joking 😉

  11. Smartarse maybe, Dave. Clever? Far from it.

    When is an insult an insult?
    After all we are only joking, aren’t we? ;o)

  12. Errr, behave you two, I think…!

    Wouldn’t mind but I can’t work out how to make the link open in a new window so it takes folk away from the site.

    Oi Fred!

  13. I assume you mean so it doesn’t take folk away from your site Bob.
    Working on it for my one,sorry about that.
    Delete it, if I find a way I’ll let you know.

  14. Don’t worry Fred. I do think it’s quite a clever retort and I’ll leave it there.

    As you develop your site you’ll discover there are ways to deflect traffic from one site to another by leaving messages.

    Alas I’ve only discovered that this afternoon…

    Seems like there are numerous hidden links in the comments that take readers straight out of this site to their own. I’ve just spent half an hour deleting the links but it’ll take an absolute age to remove them all.

    Mind you, hat’s off to the cunning blighters, but I’ll have some of that, too!

  15. Bob,

    Borrowed the Rob Green photo I hope you don’t mind ?The “stick” I’ve had over his error since last Saturday is unreal.The phone was in meltdown after a few minutes.

    I wish I could have seen Golds “Boat”.No sale for now Gold you prick 🙂

  16. Now thats not very nice Dave!

    I hope you don’t find yourself becoming far more busy with all the recent BS’ists developments!

    Have a good season.

  17. Bob,
    I don’t know how you do it! Your blog puts the feeble attempts by others and the copy cats clearly in the shade.

    A real class act and you leave posted comments so a balanced view of a discussion can be seen. Shame some bloggers only allow what panders to their own egos thus only showing a one sided view most things.

    Loved Dave Burr’s link summed things up a treat, I expect Mr Internet will come back with something he always does! I see he has been beaten to the punch and with a sort of backhand remark about the BSG if I‘m not mistaken.

    The season is almost upon us I will be on the river on Thursday and I am looking forward to it.

    I will be going back to some old haunts this season it will be nice to see some old friendly faces from days gone by.

    I will wait till after the 27/07 to get my MKAA ticket as I will be an OAP after that date.

    Keep it up Bob, oh and what happened to the “whose river is it anyway” article I can’t find it anywhere?

    Kind regards

  18. Hi Bob,

    Thanks for the card mate, not on the river for a few days, family takes priority over everything.

    My good pal John Found gave me an interesting book at the weekend about “Old Age”, I prefer to look at it as just becoming older, one sentence caught my eye; ” As well as declining to listen to people whose opinions you do not think worth having”. This in the context of reaching a certain time in life, thought it fitted in on here pretty well.

    Have a great season and hope to catch up with you and Stu in the near future.


  19. Getting touchy in your old Steve?

    Well done on learning such a valuable lesson, its one I took on board quite a few years ago.

  20. HMMMMMMMM, “Declining to listen to people whose opinions you do not think worth having”.

    That fits in pretty well with your whole outlook on anyone who disagrees with you Steve…from my recollection it goes right back to our Barbel Catchers days when you could not get your own way.

    But as Bob asked my nicely I will not enlarge upon things that took place back then when you and Mike Burdon could not get you own way.

    As an aside will you be taking up Fred Bonney’s suggestion and tell us the stories that can now be told about Adams Mill and what yours and the BS involvement really was on your blog? From telephone conversations I had with you at the time telling me (and others) just how good the BS tender was and how no one else would be able to match it… I was amazed to hear it never went forward.

    I have to agree about family coming first…shame some families have or are only held together due to financial reasons.

  21. 15years later and still the one that counts.
    Something must have been right with Steve and Mike’s views!!

  22. Ah, and just what would you know about the Barbel Catchers Club then?

    Perhaps you would like to post something about Adams Mill on your blog Fred and tell us about the stories that can now be told… because I doubt Steve will take up your offer.

    Or you can tell me the stories if we meet up while fishing there.

    Kind regards

  23. Ray, I don’t think I will go out of my way to speak to you.
    Somebody who has been a festering grudge for 15 years, is not somebody I would like to relate to, thankyou.

  24. You disappoint me Fred; I am not holding a grudge just looking for the truth regarding certain things. All that needs to happen for me to stop searching or asking the questions is for the ones I have asked to provide “truthful” answers… instead of ducking the issue all the time.

    You put your own interpretation on things which ever way suits your needs best. In all honesty you don’t know enough to answer the questions posed not only by me but by others who were there at the beginning you were not.
    Kind regards

  25. Okay, that’s enough guys.

    Call it a draw this time and move on.

    Nice weather for fishing out there…!

  26. Quit right Bob, the river season is here… I had a great day out yesterday no barbel but a wonderful foray into the countryside.

    An abundance of wild life encountered, reminded me of why I love fishing so much and why it it a joy to be alive!

    Look forard to the next blog..until then good fishing to “ALL”


  27. Bob,
    Forgive the spelling mistakes just got up and the old eyes have not focused yet!

    Kind regards

  28. Cracking read ther Bob,

    Bit of a barbel war breaking out?

    Come on chaps pull yourselves together! Get out fishing!!!I have already had my first double figure barbel and first 5lb chub and then bettered it with a 6lb chub!