2011 – Green Un Semi Final Report

Green Un Club Match Angler Championship Semi Final (Sponsored by Climax Tackle, Dronfield)

Hayfield Lakes, Doncaster

Mon 2nd May, 2011

There’s a degree of truth in most country sayings and few ring truer than the one that goes, ‘When the wind’s in the east, fish bite the least’. Bright sunshine may have greeted our semi finalists at the draw on Monday but a cold and freshening east wind ruined any real chance of spectacular weights.

It’s fair to say that only one angler truly mastered the conditions and that was Unison’s Neil Stones at Peg 43 on Danny’s Island Lake. After a slow start Neil decided to brave the strong cross wind and pole fish at 14.5 metres, presenting an 8mm pellet over loose fed 6mm pellets.

It was a tough ask in the conditions but one that paid off straight away with a fish on the first drop. Although he had to keep swapping the depth he was fishing at to attract bites, constantly tapping the water with his pole tip seemed to provoke a feeding frenzy. Light feeding was the key, he used less than one bag of pellets, and all his fish were landed on a size 18 hook to 0.14mm line.

Scott Clarkson (Jnr) was top weight on Adam’s Lake.

Result: Danny’s Island Lake

1. N Stones 159-10 (£300); 2. C Owen 80-0 (£250); 3. R Hull 73-2 (£200); 4. M Wragg 62-6 (£150); 5. G Akid 57-14 (£100).

Result: Adams’ Lake

1. S Clarkson Jnr 62-1 (£300); 2. G Proffitt 56-4 (£250); 3. M Brownhill 53-14 (£200); 4M Turton 49-2 (£150); 5. R Hill 48-15 (£100).

Result: Overall Super Pool

1. N Stones (£265); 2. C Owen (£200); 3. R Hull (£125); 4. M Wragg (£80); 5. S Clarkson Jnr (£65).


The twenty section winners (£50) who will compete for £5,000 worth of prizes in the final are:

George Akid, Rob Burgin, John Casson, Scott Clarkson Jnr, John Dibnah, John Gordon, Paul Hancock, Keith Hill, K Hogan, Rob Hull, Paul Massey, Barrie Moat, Craig Owen, Greg Proffitt, Brian Searle, Dominic Stones, Robin Walker, Graham Webster, Andy Wilburn, Bob Wilde.

Special Thanks To:

Rob Hitchens for supplying the fishery, Pauline and Geoff Hurt for their superb organisation.

Final Details

The final will be staged on Aston Fisheries’ Snake Lake on Saturday 21st May, draw (in the cafe) 08.30, fish 10.00 – 15.00. Spectators are more than welcome to attend.



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