2014 Green Un Semi Final – Details


The 2013/14 Daiwa sponsored Green Un Club Match Angler semi final will be staged at Lodge Farm on Monday May 5th 2014 and it’s going to be a cracker. The venue is fishing brilliantly!

We are staging just one semi final this year and limiting the number of anglers to 120. If your name is in the list then you need to contact match organiser Geoff Hurt, 36 Hazelbarrow Road, Jordanthorpe, Sheffield, S8 8AW. You may speak to Geoff on 07921 166136 but only during sensible hours, please! He’ll need you to cough up your entry fees immediately.

Entry costs £20 (including pools) plus there will be an optional super pool of £5 on the day. As we’re pegging the match over 4 lakes there will be pay-outs for each individual lake. Entrants must provide their name, address and a contact phone number with each application.

The match is being staged over four lakes, Signal, Field, Long Island and Lilly and there will be no split sections. Sections will be five or 6 pegs maximum and it is the section winners who progresses to the final where £3,000 of Daiwa sponsored prizes will be up for grabs. The final is scheduled for Sykehouse Fisheries on Sunday June 8th.

All contestants must check out and abide by the fishery rules. Key points to take on board are no floating baits of any description, fishery feed pellets only, barbless hooks, a minimum of two keepnets and a pole limit of 14.5 metres. Full details are available on the fishery web site: www.lodgefarmfisheries.co.uk

Breakfasts will be available in the cafe from 7am.

The draw will commence at 8am with fishing from 10am till 4pm.


Green Un Final

Daiwa Sports will be supporting the Championship once more with prizes to the tune of £3,000. The competition is free to enter and open to all clubs in the Sheffield Green Un Sports newspaper circulation area which covers Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Barnsley and Chesterfield. Clubs simply have to submit their match results to greenun@sky.com Please feel free to contact me via email for further details.

2013/14 – Complete List Of Qualifiers

Adcock, Glen
Alcock, Steve
Bailey, Mick
Barker, Mel
Barnes, Steve
Bates, Andy
Baxter, Brian
Beckett, Des
Bentley, Chris
Bentley, Roger
Bestall, Steve
Billen, Marcus
Billups, Steve
Binns, Lee
Blakesley, Andy
Bows, Mark
Briggs, Mick
Brooks, Tony
Buckler, Mick
Buffon, Alan
Burgin, Rob
Burke, Mark
Burkinshaw, Matt
Cardwell, Dean
Carthy, Rob
Chambers, Roy
Chapman, Phil
Chisholme, John
Chorlton, Ray
Clark, Jeff
Coleman, Steve
Collinson, Shane
Copnell, Tony
Cowley, Alan
Crampton, Andy
Craven, Gary
Creighton, Andy
Crookes, Paul
Crossley, Neil
Crowther, Les
Cutts, Trevor
Czajkowski, Dave
Danforth, Sam
Dawson, Graham
Dawson, Mick
Dawson, Pete
Devine, Dave
Devlin, Andy
Didlock, C
Dodson, Mark
Donovan, Paul
Driver, Fred
Edwards, Ashley
Edwards, John
Elliott, Dave
Evason, Jack
Fawcett, Trevor
Fearn, Steve
Flynn, Keran
Foster, Rodger
Foster, Steve
Fox, Dave
Francis, Steve
Furniss, Andy
Gibson, Roy
Golland, Tom
Gorman, Paul
Gosney, Pete
Graham, Scott
Gregory, Brian
Gregory, Dean
Gregory, Paul
Griffin, Pete
Hague, Martin
Hall, Jamie
Hardy, Shaun
Hartley, Martin
Hattersley, Phil
Hawkins, Andy
Haywood, Chris
Hemmingham, Paul
Herring, Dave
Hill, Keith
Hill, Rodger
Hogan, Keiran
Holbery, Steve
Holmes, Mark
Hopkin, Steve
Howell, Kev
Humphreys, Mick
Hurt, Geoff
Hurt, Pauline
Hutchinson, Logan
Irving, Phil
Jackson, Kev
Jackson, Ricky
Johnson, Danny
Jones, Les
Lackenby, Dave
Lambley, Steve
Law, Shane
Leadwood, Frank
Lee, John
Lee, Jonathan
Leigh, Trevor
Leng, Steve
Lindley, Gareth
Loosemore, Warren
Lucas, Stuart
Lunn, Dave
Massey, Paul
Mathews, Gary
McCurdy, Alf
McGrath, Tommy
Mitchell, Ron
Moat, Barry
Molyneux, Dave
Molyneux, Vic
Munaser, Faisel
Munaser, Omar
Newbound, Steve
Newsome, Steve
Newton, Jay
Nicholson, Howard
Nightingale, Ray
Oldfield, Paul
Oldfield, Terry
Owen, Barry
Owen, Mick
Owen, Neil
Palmer, Matt
Palmer, Roy
Parker, Keith
Parkes, Gig
Parkes, Kev
Parkin, Phil
Parkin, Trevor
Parsisson, Craig
Pearson, Dave
Pearson, John
Pinder, Andy
Poss, Mick
Pridmore, Colin
Proffitt, Greg
Proffitt, Nigel
Reynolds, Dave
Richardson, Scott
Robinson, Dean
Roden, Eddie
Roper, Albert
Ross, George
Sanders, Shaun
Saxton, Malcolm
Sayles, David
Sayles, Frank
Schofield, Dave
Searle, Brian
Searle, Mick
Shaw, Adam
Shaw, Jim
Shaw, Mick
Shaw, Pete
Sheldon, Vic
Shone, Ray
Simpson, Gary
Sissons, Paul
Smith, Andy
Smith, Stewart
Soar, Barry
Speechley, Jack
Spencer, Wayne
Spooner, Pete
Stanley, Pete
Stephanovic, Eddie
Stephenson, Barry
Stokes, Steven
Stones, Neil
Tate, Mel
Taylor, Geoff
Thomas, Lewis
Thomas, Paul
Tollerfield, Dave
Tomkinson, Dave
Tunstall, John
Turner, Paul
Wadsworth, Dave
Wagstaffe, Corrie
Wainright, Dave
Walker, Steve
Walsh, Jim
Walton, Ken
Ward, Richard
Wardle, Richard
Warren, Tony
Wasden, Simon
Webster, Graham
West, Martyn
Whitam, Steve
Wilburn, Andy
Wilkinson, Dave
Wilkinson, Gareth
Williams, Elliott
Willis, Steve
Wooldridge, Alan
Wooton, Terry
Wragg, Mark

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