2015 Daiwa Semi Final Update

Time To Book Your Semi Final Tickets

As I previously announced there is an outstanding demand for semi final places in this year’s Daiwa Sponsored Club Match Angler Championship. To accommodate demand we’re organising not one, but two semi final matches in May.

There are almost 250 different names in the list already and in the next few weeks I’m sure I will hear all the usual lame excuses from folk pretending they sent in results that must have been lost in cyberspace!

Semi Final One will be staged on Saturday 9th May, 2015

Semi Final Two will be staged on Saturday 30th May, 2015

As ever the section winners go through to our Final where £3,000 worth of Daiwa sponsored prizes will be up for grabs on top of the pools on Sunday 28th June.

All three matches will be hosted by the new Hayton Lakes complex on the outskirts of Retford and by all accounts Hayton is a prolific, all-action bagging water with small to medium sized carp dominating so every single section should be pretty competitive. Green+Un+sponsorship+logo+jpeg Those in the list below can choose which semi they wish to fish but places are only available on a first come, first served basis. Once one date is sold out you will then only be able to book onto the other so it’s make your mind up time and time is pressing. Don’t come complaining if you fail to act in time. You need to act immediately.

Match entry is as ever £20 all-in and must be paid in advance to secure your place. Please send a cheque or postal order to the value of £20 payable to Green Un Club Match Angler Championship stating clearly the full name of the angler (or anglers), which semi final you are applying for, plus a separate address and contact phone number for each person covered by the entry to the match organiser:

Geoff Hurt, 36 Hazelbarrow Road, Jordanthorpe, Sheffield, S8 8AW.

2007 Winner Roy Chambers

2007 Winner Roy Chambers

You can speak to Geoff on 07921 166136 but please do so during sensible hours only. Here’s the latest list:

Adcock, Glen
Alcock, Steve
Allen, Craig
Allen, Richard
Austin, Rob
Bailey, Mick
Barker, Matt
Barker, Mel
Baxter, Brian
Beatson, Kev
Beckett, Dave
Bell, Steve
Bentley, Chris
Beresford, Paul
Billups, Steve
Bishop, Neil
Bissell, Mark
Boatman, Mally
Boatman, Mally
Bowes, Mark
Bows, Mark
Bradley, Paul
Bradshaw, Simon
Brotherton, Jez
Brown, Barry
Burgin, Rob
Burke, Mark
Butcher, Dave
Butler, Paul
Campbell, Paul
Carthy, Rob
Cartlidge, Che
Caton, Dave
Challinor, Danny
Chambers, Roy
Chapman, Brett
Chapple, Wayne
Cheshire, John
Chinkthulborne, Paul
Chisholme, John
Chorlton, Ray
Clark, Jeff
Clarkson, Scott
Clarkson, Simon
Clemment, Rich
Coleman, Steve
Collins, Steve
Collinson, Shane
Cooper, Gary
Copnell, Tony
Count, Richard
Coward, Mick
Cowley, Alan
Cox, Neil
Creighton, Andy
Crookes, Paul
Cutts, Trevor
Czajkowski, Dave
Daddy, Malcolm
Dale, John
Davenport, Gary
Dawson, Mick
Dawson, Pete
Dawson, Terry
Deakin, Jamie
Depledge, John
Derrett, Russ
Devine, Dave
Devlin, Adey
Donnelly, Paul
Donnely, Mick
Donovan, Paul
Driver, Fred
Edwards, Darren
Edwards, John
Emmerson, John
Evason, Jack
Evitts, Les
Feast, John
Fletcher, Mick
Flynn, Keran
Foottit, Nigel
Foster, Roger
Foster, Steve
Fowler, Russ
Francis, Steve
Fulwood, Paul
Furniss, Andy
Garlic, Chris
Gaston, Steve
Gavan, Daniel
Golland, Tom
Graham, Scott
Grayson, Mick
Greensides, Chris
Gregory, Brian
Hague, Martin
Hague, Matt
Haith, Trev
Hall, Jamie
Hall, Robert
Hartley, John
Hartley, Martin
Haywood, Chris
Head, Alf
Healy, Gerry
Herring, Dave
Hill, Bob
Hill, Harry
Hill, Keith
Hill, Roger
Hinson, Dave
Hodkin, Bob
Holberry, Steve
Holbrooke, Bob
Holmes, Mark
Howley, Tony
Hudson, John
Hugill, Glen
Humphries, Mick
Hurt, Geoff
Hurt, Pauline
Jardine, Andy
Johnson, Danny
Johnson, Neil
Jones, Les
Jones, Les
Jordan, Kevin
Lambley, Mike
Lambley, Steve
Law, Shane
Lee, Jonathan
Leigh, Trevor
Leng, Steve
Liversidge, Vic
Lowe, Dave
Lucas, Stuart
Martin, Kev
Massey, Paul
Mathews, Gary
Maxtead, Ian
Millward, Alan
Mitchell, Colin
Mitchell, Ron
Moat, Barry
Morris, Gary
Munaser, Faisil
Munaser, Omar
Mycock, Chris
Nemeth, Lee
Newsome, Steve
Nicklin, Peter
Oldfield, Matt
Oldfield, Terry
O’Rouke, Jason
Owen, Barry
Owen, Neil
Palmer, Matt
Palmer, Ted
Parker, Darren
Parkes, Gig
Parkes, Kev
Parkin, Trevor
Patrickson, Dave
Pearson, John
Pettinger, Craig
Pinder, Andy
Pinder, Kev
Poss, Mick
Pounder, Andy
Proffitt, Greg
Proffitt, Nigel
Pulford, Len
Quick, Alan
Race, Steve
Redfern, Alan
Roberts, Carl
Roberts, Dennis
Roberts, Kev
Robinson, Dean
Robinson, Trevor
Rockliffe, Pete
Rose, Steve
Ross, George
Ryalls, Luke
Sanders, Shaun
Saxton, Malcolm
Sayles, Frank
Schofield, Dave
Scott, Steve
Searle, Brian
Searle, Mick
Sheldon, Lee
Sheldon, Vic
Shipman, Rob
Sissons, Paul
Smith, Andy
Smith, Stuart
Smith, Terry
Spencer, Wayne
Spooner, Pete
Stanley, Pete
Stanton, Paul
Stones, Neil
Stubbings, Roy
Summerscales, Roger
Swift, Dave
Swift, Martin
Taylor, Pete
Teigh, Rich
Thistlewhite, David
Thomas, Lewis
Thompson, Allan
Thompson, Roy
Thorpe, Tim
Tollerfield, Dave
Topham, Alan
Turner, Gary
Turner, Paul
Turner, Tommy
Turton, Jonathan
Turton, Mick
Wade, Paul
Wagstaffe, Corrie
Waite, Andy
Walsh, Jim
Walton, Ken
Ward, Ian
Ward, Richard
Ward, Tom
Wardle, Richard
Wasden, Simon
Waters, Mark
Wheeler, Dave
White, John
White, Lee
Whittaker, Mick
Wilburn, Andy
Wild, Ian
Wilkinson, Graham
Williams, Mark
Willis, Steve
Willoughby, John
Wood, Fred
Wragg, Mark
Young, John

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