All Change!

Welcome to the new-look Bob Roberts Online web site.

Shocking weather and dismal prospects for the season’s end left me in need of an inspiration boost so I’m bringing forward next month’s planned re-launch. I think you’ll find it’s a lot tidier and easier on the eye. Just click on any article to see that. As you can see I went through a few header ideas along the way before settling on the current one!

Header montage

You may like to make a note in your diary that this is where you should look in on Tuesday April 9th if you want to be among the first to see our exclusive Caught In The Act trailer. Be warned though, it’s seriously good… 😉

Trailer Date

You might also spot that I’ve simplified the navigation bar categories into The Arts, The Knowledge and The Vault. The Arts is for anything book, film or photography related. The Knowledge is instructional/ article based stuff while The Vault will be an archive of printed material. I’ve been busy over the winter pulling together a collection of articles I wrote for various publications down the years but I’m afraid that’s a treat you’ll have to wait for until April 9th.

Project Cover JPeg

I’ll be kicking off with The Coarse Angler Years. Something like 60 articles in total, originally published between 1987 and 1992, each scanned and reproduced as they originally appeared in the popular flip book format. You also get to see a few bonus images, diagrams, letters and extracts from my diaries of that time. Later on I aim to create The David Hall years, The Coarse Fisherman Years, the Improve Your Coarse Fishing years and so on.

Rest assured my regular blog will be not be affected by these changes.

So there you are, feel free to have a poke around and familiarise yourself with the new layout. I do hope you like it!

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