Barbel Days And Ways Volume One – Opinions and Feedback









Seeing as so many satisfied customers have seen fit to email Stu and me with their comments on our DVD it seems only fair that we share them with you. This is just some of the things that viewers have told us:


I have seen the DVD and it was brilliant, the whole atmosphere put over in the photography made me feel as though I was actually there, the morning mist hanging over the river, walking through chest high nettles and enjoying the anticipation of what was waiting at the other side.


The underwater photography was stunning, by far the best I have seen in any fishing production, and very informative, I am thinking of developing a feeder that looks like a blue whale!!!


I cannot wait for the next of what I hope will be a whole series of new DVD’s from the both of you.


Congratulations on a great production, it ranks with the best in my opinion, informative and beautiful, a modern take on Passion for Angling, something that even a non fisherperson can appreciate and enjoy.










If you prefer to pay by cheque or other means you can email Kate Walker at Kali Productions and she will make the neccessary arrangements:





4 thoughts on “Barbel Days And Ways Volume One – Opinions and Feedback

  1. Bob Roberts Online – Visitor Message

    Message Hi Bob

    I just thought I would send you a quick message to say how much I enjoyed the Barbel Days and Ways DVD. My girlfriend got me it for Xmas and I couldn’t wait to watch it.

    I fish the Tees for barbel so I really enjoyed the Swale section. It has made me think a great deal about how I fish, especially the advice you give on using the bait dropper.

    Above all else what I liked the most was the ‘feel’ of thre film. Watching 2 anglers who you can see really love the sport is a real pleasure.

    Anyway, thanks and bring on Volume 2!

    Matthew White

  2. Dear Bob

    Having watched the dvd twice and almost twisting my head off my shoulders could you please tell me which Daiwa reel you used because the drag looked perfect many thanks for a brilliant watch

    Alan Whittington

    Hi Alan

    Glad you enjoyed the film – the next one is going to be even better – that’s a promise! We’re at the editing stage and getting pretty excited because we held back so much underwater material in order not to be drawn into direct comparisons with, or to be accused of copying Barbel Even Closer.

    The reels we used throught the filming are Daiwa’s Exceler Plus reels in the 4000 size. Depending on the type of river you fish, the size of fish targeted or the weight of your rod favoured you might consider the 3500 or even 3000 sizes. All have the same micro adjustable front drag system, DIGIGEAR, 7 ball bearings, 2 CRBB, Twistbuster, Infinite Anti-Reverse, spare spool, etc. The RRP is £99.99 but I’m sure you’ll find a good deal if you shop around.

    All the best for 2009

    Bob Roberts

  3. Dear Bob and Stuart I got Vol 1 for xmas from my wife as a seasoned Barbel fisherman( mainly on the Ribble) I found it very educational it makes me want to go and try new rivers now I am based in Oldham so I am not that far from the Swale but I am not sure which part’s are day ticket that also inclued’s the dove.Please let mw know when Vol 2 is out(Father’s day would be nice).


  4. Not many day ticket stretches left these days. You can fish at Cundall but if you’re serious about fishing the Swale, invest in either a Leeds Book or a Bradford Book.

    Leeds and District have a web site with a nice forum:

    You can find membership details on there. Covers the key Topcliffe and Asenby stretches, not to mention loads of other venues.