Barbel Days And Ways Volume One – Opinions and Feedback

Unfortunately no longer available










Seeing as so many satisfied customers have seen fit to email Stu and me with their comments on our DVD it seems only fair that we share them with you. This is just some of the things that viewers have told us:


I have seen the DVD and it was brilliant, the whole atmosphere put over in the photography made me feel as though I was actually there, the morning mist hanging over the river, walking through chest high nettles and enjoying the anticipation of what was waiting at the other side.



The underwater photography was stunning, by far the best I have seen in any fishing production, and very informative, I am thinking of developing a feeder that looks like a blue whale!!!



I cannot wait for the next of what I hope will be a whole series of new DVD’s from the both of you.



Congratulations on a great production, it ranks with the best in my opinion, informative and beautiful, a modern take on Passion for Angling, something that even a non fisherperson can appreciate and enjoy.





These DVDs are now sold out and unavailable.