Book Extract – Fisheye by Matt Hayes

Matt Hayes has come a long way since that fateful afternoon he introduced himself to me at Linear Fisheries, Newport Pagnell nearly 25 years ago – how time flies, eh?.

“He’s Going to be so famous, one day.” Said Len Gurd, who I was filming with.

24 hours later I’d moved out of my lodgings at Adam’s Mill (yes, THAT Adam’s Mill) and moved in with Matt and his family. Back then he’d published one mainstream article about chub, I think, for the Anglers Mail. A little while later I introduced Matt to Keith Higginbottom, editor of the Angling Times and the rest, as they say, is history.

Matt and I enjoyed some memorable times together, so maybe I might be accused of bias when I review this book, but what you cannot argue with is quality and excellence which is what Matt’s photographs reek of. Matt is a damn fine photographer. Indeed don’t take my word for it, check out the extract I’ve just placed on my Scribd page. It simply speaks for itself. Just click on the image above to see the extract or one of those below to see how you can purchase a copy today.

There will be a standard edition of Fisheye, available from Calm Productions at £29.99 and a limited edition version (1,000 copies) at £49.99

Spring is an odd time to launch this book. It would have dovetailed perfectly into the Christmas market as it’s one of those books you might sit down with on a bitter cold winter’s evening and long for the coming summer, remember those hazy days and golden memories. But who cares, it’ll still do the job next winter, the secret being to make sure you pick up a copy while it’s stilt available.

One for the all-rounder to treasure.



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