Book Extract – Haynes Coarse Fishing Manual by Kevin Green

 In all my years I cannot honestly say I have ever seen a better ‘how to’ book than the new Haynes Coarse Fishing Manual. Whether you target commercial waters, rivers or lakes, catch small fish, carp, barbel or pike, it’s all here and laid out with such impressive clarity you simply cannot go wrong. It is the perfect beginners guide and it’ll be the biggest selling coarse fishing book in the UK this season by a country mile.

We forget how much we take for granted in fishing. For a beginner the range of skills necessary can be incredibly daunting especially for anyone entering the sport without the benefit of having a keen angler already in the family or as a close friend. I reckon you could give this manual to a non-fisherman and he or she would master the basics in double quick time. Clear, concise, precise. What more do you need.

The images below are taken straight from the pages of the book. Click on them and they’ll open up in PDF format from my Scribd pages and you’ll see for yourself what a useful reference guide it is…








 About The Book

Fishing is one of the most popular outdoor pastimes in the UK. With around 3 million people taking part every year, it’s said to be the UK’s largest participatory sport – bigger than football.

Now Kevin Green, presenter of the Discovery network’s Carp Crew and Predators, has written the definitive guide to modern coarse fishing – the Haynes Coarse Fishing Manual – destined to become every angler’s constant companion.

The Haynes Coarse Fishing Manual is the most up-to-date manual for the modern angler. It contains not only easy-to-follow diagrams to get the beginner started, but also all the latest tactics and bait rigs that will help even the most experienced fisherman catch more fish.

Complete with superb full colour photography, detailed rig diagrams and dozens of step-by-step photo sequences, the Haynes Coarse Fishing Manual gives clear advice for all levels. It details the main fish species, the best methods to catch them, the baits to rely on and the expert secrets that will help anglers of all ages.

All the main coarse fishing techniques are covered in detail – waggler float fishing is brought right up-to-date with the latest techniques explained, the more recent technique of swimfeeder fishing is explored in detail and the subtle art of pole fishing is also covered at length. Plus there are in depth chapters on the big two – Carp fishing and Pike fishing.

Unlike many fishing manuals that were written a long time ago and reissued, this book is totally up-to-date. Fishing has undergone a massive transformation in the last decade, with huge advances in tackle, bait and fisheries and the Haynes Coarse Fishing Manual is filled with the latest ideas for catching fish. It also draws on the real experiences of seasoned fisherman containing the best ideas from the best anglers.

The author Kevin Green will be a familiar face to any avid angler as he is the editor of Britain’s biggest selling fishing magazine, Improve Your Coarse Fishing and is also writer and presenter of the hugely popular TV shows, Predators and Carp Crew on the Discovery Network.

With more than 3 million anglers in the UK and an estimated 10% of the population interested in starting the sport the Haynes manual looks set to become a top seller.

So whether you are putting your rod together for the first time, or a seasoned professional, the Haynes Coarse Fishing Manual is a must-have book and the perfect Christmas present.

About the Author

Kevin Green is the editor of Britain’s biggest-selling fishing magazine, Improve Your Coarse Fishing. He’s also the writer and presenter of the Predators and Carp Crew TV shows on the Discovery network.

Haynes Coarse Fishing Manual is available from all good book stores and the usual online outlets. RRP £19.99