Caught In The Act – A Sneak Preview…

If anyone’s still wondering what Caught In The Act is all about then you can log on to the Sky Sports web site, go to the Tight Lines page and download last night’s show from the podcast section. By right clicking you can save it to your computer and watch the entire Tight Lines show from yesterday (Friday 27th January) where I’m Keith Arthur’s studio guest. Scroll forward to around 24 minutes and you’ll find the start of a six minute taster from the filming we’ve been doing during the past year, kind of a highlights medley.

Judge for yourself how good it is but we think it’s sensational – and as Keith said, ‘I could see the hairs standing up on your neck as well as mine!’

We’ve probably got another year’s work ahead of us before it’s finally completed but we’re hoping it takes Barbel Days And Ways to a whole new level.

Click here to download the show.

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