Caught In The Act – Update

It’s approximately a year now since Stu Walker and I launched into our Caught In The Act filming project. Taking everything we learned whilst making our barbel films and applying it to other species wasn’t too difficult but what began as an idea for one DVD has grown into a series of 4 DVDs, probably released as two boxed sets.

I doubt that either of us realised what a mammoth task it was going to be. It’s one thing to catch a few barbel on film, quite something else to embark on a campaign to catch quality specimens of all the popular species throughout the kind of conditions the British climate can throw at you. Just to make things a little trickier, we decided to ‘keep it real’ by sticking pretty much to our local waters. Hmmm…

I suppose of course it depends pretty much on what you regard as local and where you live. If you live ten minutes from the Upper Ouse or somewhere in the Nene Valley your idea of local will be different to ours, as neither of us fishes anywhere much nearer to home than a 45 minute journey and mostly a day’s fishing involves anything from an hour to 90 minutes driving, each way of course.

But that opens up the Trent, Dove, Derwent, Idle, Don, Swale, Ure, Nidd, Wharfe, Aire, Calder and all manner of pits, puddles and drains. It’s quite surprising what’s out there when you start looking.

The million dollar question is, I guess, how have we got on? Well, the end of the project is some way off at this time. Perhaps as much as a year away. Trouble is the stuff we already have in the can is so sensational it’s like trying to keep the fact you’ve won the Euromillions Lottery a secret. We are dying to let folk see what we’ve been up to so as a special treat we’ve put together a little showreel and we’re going to broadcast it on Sky TV next Friday the 27th January on the Tight Lines show.

The piece we’re going to reveal is a compilation of the best bits to give everyone a glimpse into the future. You might go so far as to say it’s 8 minutes of fish porn but wait till you see it. There’s far more to it than a few fish. So make a note in your diary – Friday 27th January at 7 pm, Sky Sports 3. It’s then repeated on Sky Sports 2 at midnight, again at 4.30am Saturday morning and once more on Sky Sports 4 at 8am.

If you don’t have Sky or you miss it the show will be broadcast free of charge as a Sky Podcast that can be viewed on your computer.

Enjoy and feel free to give us some feedback.

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