CITA – The Coarse Angling Today Review

Another cracking review of Caught In The Act Parts 1 & 2, this time by Ben Wales in Coarse Angling Today:


Click on the image or click HERE to read the full text. It will open up in a new window as a PDF document.

If you’re too pressed for time to read the full review, here are a couple of very complimentary quotes from it:

‘I’d like to find a negative about Caught In The Act, but would really struggle to do so’

‘If you liked their previous films, or are a fan or Passion For Angling and Catching The Impossible, then this film is for you’

You can purchase copies HERE.

Still not sure? Then perhaps this 6-minute extract from the first disc will help you decide. To fully appreciate the trailer we recommend changing the Youtube video quality settings to HD.


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