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Well you’ve read the hype but the proof is surely in the pudding. Why not watch our trailer and judge for yourself whether or not we’ve wasted the past three years…

Feast your eyes on the opening 6 minutes from Disk One:

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5 thoughts on “Watch The Full Trailer…

  1. Wonderful captures, photography and venues BUT its all be done before, yawn yawn.
    If you had strung it all together with a decent story line rather than sequences of 10 unrelated chapters it would be worth seeing it through again.
    Sorry chaps, but you’ll have to indicate some serious re-editing will be done before I spend money on parts 3 & 4.
    Your BW&D’s DVD’s were brilliant, in fact the best ever species specific DVD’s ever produced but I’m afraid this effort falls short of you usual high standards.
    David Moss-Allison

  2. well i ordered my copy on the friday and it arrived saturday morning what fantastic service.i have watched it a couple of times now and was immpressed with the quality of the dvd it was well produced and put together with some cracking looking venues and some cracking fish all caught on a good variety of was a good mix of action with a bit of technical info thrown in although i like to see the rig making and techie stuff so on a personal note would have liked a bit more.if i had to make a criticism it would be it felt a little impersonal at times i would have liked to get to know bob and stu a bit more maybe a bit of banter between them a laugh and a joke maybe.but on the whole a dvd which is better than alot of the tv shows on at moment and well worth watching.well done bob and stu keep up the good work.

  3. I have many dvd’s on fishing, these include all 4 Barbel days & ways… but your latest additions Caught in the act 1 to 4 are absolutely brilliant.
    I find Bob & Stuart so inspiring, that everytime I play them, they make me smile.
    I am a very keen Barbel angler, and I fish the river Lea, and Ivel. It would be brilliant if you could include these two rivers in your next dvd… because these two rivers actually hold Barbel to 18lbs + … and it would also be great to say Hi, and to shake both your hands.

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