Climax Club Championship Christmas Update

Are You A Qualifier? 

2009 has been a fantastic summer for club match angling in South Yorkshire and the 293 names below stand as a firm testament to that.

Every one of these anglers has qualified on merit to take part in the Green Un Club Match Angler Championship Semi Final next May. It’s certain to be a record turn-out and with over four months of the competition still to run we’ve smashed every previous entry record so there’s a big thank you going out from me to all those hard working match secretaries who submit their match results each week.

The anglers listed below have all won qualifying matches and are eligible to compete in the semi final on Monday May 3rd, 2010, at Lindholme lakes.

The Club Match Angler Championship is open to any fishing club in the Green Un newspaper circulation area (which is Sheffield, Chesterfield, Rotherham, Doncaster and Barnsley). Entry to the Championship is completely free – just ask your club secretary or match organiser to contact me via the email address below.

 The competition is sponsored by Climax Tackle to the tune of £5,000 and (with pools) the total payout over the two matches should easily exceed £8,000.

Club match secretaries who submit 3 or more entries are rewarded with an invite to fish and these are now in the list.

No action is needed by qualifiers just yet, just sit tight in the knowledge you’re through to the big one. Full details will be published in the Green Un nearer the time (and on here) about what you need to do next (pay your pools!).

As always, the semi-final will be held on May Day Bank Holiday Monday, 3rd  May 2010.

Ifyou think you should have qualified but your name has been missed from the list, get in touch with me through your club secretary who should contact me through the normal channels.

Thanks for your support everyone.

Bob Roberts

PS: The email address for the competition is

The Lucky 300 (So Far…)

Allan, John Conisborough Cricket Club AC
Allan, John (Snr) Conisborough Cricket Club AC
Allen, Craig Sprotborough Nomads
Allen, Neil PostOffice vs Hind
Allott, Pete Secretary
Archer, Andrew Secretary
Ashley, Paul West End AC
Bacon, Alan British Oak AC
Bacon, Chris Ken Ward Sports
Bailey, Keith Arnies FC
Ball, Glynn Prince of Wales AC
Barker, Mel Ranmoor Piscatorials
Barker, Russ Hyde Park AC, Dronfield
Bell, Chris Hyde Park AC, Dronfield
Bell, Paul Hyde Park AC, Dronfield
Bell, Richard Bridge Farm caravan Park AC
Bennet, John Travellers Rest, Oughtibridge
Bennett, Richard Blackburn & Wincobank CC AC
Beresford, Lee Hogshead Angling
Billard, Ron Nethergreen AC
Binns, Lee Norton House Country Club
Binns, Tony Norton House Country Club
Booker, I Shakespeare AC
Booth, Peter Hyde Park AC, Dronfield
Bowskill, Michael Yew Tree FC, Coal Aston
Bradley, Paul Thurnscoe Coronation WMCAC
Brian, A Arnies AC
Brookes, Tony Thurnscoe Coronation WMC
Broomhead, Phil White Lion AC, Sheffield
Broughton, Jim Mosborough Tackle Box
Brownell, Mick Mosborough Tackle Box
Brownhill, Mick Joseph Glover AC
Buffon, Alan Thurnscoe Coronation WMCAC
Bunting, Dave Holmestead v Three Feahers
Burgin, Rob Houghton Main AC
Burke, Mark Princess Royal AC, Woodhouse Mill
Burrell, Mick Secretary
Byrne, David Secretary
Cardwell, Kevin Secretary
Cartledge, Paul Woodhouse West End
Case, Chris Uyew Tree FC, Coal Aston
Casson, John Travellers AC, Kimberworth
Cecha, Mark Kilnhurst AC
Chambers, Roy Sprotborough Nomads
Chambers, Steve Sprotborough Nomads
Chapman, Brett Black Diamond AC
Chapman, Phil The Ranch AC
Chorlton, Ray Houghton Main AC
Clark, Dale New Inn AC
Clarkson, Scott Sprotborough Nomads
Coleman, Steve MPACjack Summer League
Coley, Alan Fighting Cocks, Rawmarsh
Collins, Graham Travellers Rest, Oughtibridge
Cooke, Andy Princess Royal AC, Woodhouse Mill
Copnell, Tony Ranmoor Piscatorials
Cornwall, John Thurnscoe Coronation WMCAC
Cowley, Alan Secretary
Craig, Jamie Intake Angling Supplies
Craven, Gary Houghton Main AC
Cromwell, Pete Secretary
Crookes, Paul Houghton Main AC
Cunliffe, Mick Thurnscoe Coronation WMCAC
Cusworth, Alan Southey WMC
Cutts, Trevor Ranmoor Piscatorials
Czajkowski, Dave Secretary
Dale, Ronnie Barrel vs Ranch
Dalton, Keith Hyde Park AC, Dronfield
Danforth, Alan Thurnscoe Coronation WMC
Davies, Andy Secretary
Davies, Roy Matchgroup 2000
Dawson, Graham Unison AC
Dawson, John MPACjack 
Dent, Paul Sprotborough Nomads
Depledge, John White Lion AC, Sheffield
Derritt, Russ Noah’s Ark AC
Dexter, Paul Bakestone Moor AC
Dibnah, John Yew Tree FC, Coal Aston
Dickens, John Yorkshire Tykes AC
Dobson, Phil Secretary
Dodsworth, Gary Mason’s Arms, Rennishaw
Dodsworth, Wayne Masons Arms Renishaw
Donavon, Paul Hogshead Angling
Donnelly, Paul West End AC
Eaton, Jack Secretary
Edwards, Joe Yew Tree FC, Coal Aston
Edwards, John Fighting Cocks AC, Rawmarsh
Elliott, Dave Hogshead Angling
Esberger, John Ranmoor Piscatorials
Evans, Martin Bridge Farm caravan Park AC
Faram, John Ranmoor Piscatorials
Feast, Kev Thurnscoe Coronation WMCAC
Fields, Walter Shakespeare AC
Fletcher, Dave British Oak AC
Flynn, Keran Secretary
Ford, Brian Conisborough Cricket Club AC
Foster, Paul Golden Plover, Hackenthorpe
France, Joe Joseph Glover AC
Francis, S Shakespeare AC
Furniss, Andy Unison AC
Gaston, Steve White Lion AC, Sheffield
Gavan, Daniel Black Diamond AC
Gay, Barry Nethergreen AC
Gelsthorpe, Ben Darnall Green AC
Gillett, Tony Secretary
Godley, Darren Jenkins AC, Retford
Golland, Tom Blackburn & Wincobank CC AC
Goring, John Thurnscoe Coronation WMCAC
Gorman, Paul Woodseats AC
Greaves, Frank Southey WMC
Gregory, Paul Neill Tools AC
Griffin, Pete Sprotborough Nomads
Hague, Martin Blackburn & Wincobank CC AC
Hallam, Steve Secretary
Hanson, Roy Matchgroup 2000
Hardwick, Leon Joseph Glover AC
Hargreaves, Steve Kilnhurst AC
Hart, Wayne Fighting Cocks FC, rawmarsh
Hartley, Martyn Sprotborough Nomads
Hartley, Richard Lord Nelson AC, Sheffield
Hawkins, Andy Unison
Hawkins, Ian Unison AC
Haynes, Paul Travellers AC
Haywood, Brian Travellers AC
Head, Alf Thurnscoe Coronation WMCAC
Heath, Phil Dormer AC
Hendley, Lee West End AC
Heywood, Ian New Inn AC
Hibberd, Pete Noah’s Ark AC
Hill, Keith Hind AC
Hill, Roger Middlewood Tavern AC
Hind, Tom Arnies FC
Hogan, Kieran Unison AC
Hogg, Norman Lord Nelson AC, Sheffield
Hopes, John Secretary
Hopkins, David White Lion AC, Sheffield
Hudson, Bob Kilnhurst AC
Hull, Pete CW Fletchers AC
Hull, Robert CW Fletchers AC
Humphries, Mick Kilnhurst AC
Hurt, Geoff Woodseats WMC
Hurt, Pauline Woodseats AC
Jackson, Kev Hogshead Angling
Jagger, John Fighting Cocks AC, Rawmarsh
Johnson, Danny Hind AC
Johnson, Jack Conisborough Cricket Club AC
Jones, John Conisborough Cricket Club AC
Kimpton, Bob Travellers AC
Kitchen, Robert Travellers AC, Kimberworth
Lakin, Phil West End AC
Lambley, Steve Hind AC
Law, Shane Houghton Main AC
Lax, Lol Tight Lines AC
Lazenby, Ernest Secretary
Legdon, Chris The Sportsman, Hackenthorpe
Lindley, Gareth Unison AC
Lindsey, Steve Fighting Cocks AC, Rawmarsh
Liversidge, Vince Hind AC
Loveday, Dave Peck House
Lucas, Phil Secretary
Lythall, Dave Hyde Park AC, Dronfield
M Buckler Sheffield Council AC
Mansell, Perry Masons Arms Renishaw
Martin, Graham Southey WMC
Maxtead, Ian Ranmoor Piscatorials
McConnell, Richard Travellers AC, Kimberworth
McKie, Alan Conisborough Cricket Club AC
Mills, John (Snr) West End AC
Milner, Alan Secretary
Mitchell, Ron Norton House Country Club
Moat, Barrie The Vine AC
Molyneux, Brian Houghton Main AC
Molyneux, Vic Houghton Main AC
Moore, Gary The Golden Plover AC
Morley, Terry Hogshead Angling
Morley, Trevor Hogshead Angling
Morton, Tony Secretary
Mulhearn, John Hogshead Angling
Myree, Kev Unison AC
Neal, Arron Bakestone Moor AC
Nell, Steve Ranmoor Piscatorials
Nelson, Josh Lord Nelson AC, Sheffield
Newbound, Steve Sothall AC
Newsome, Steve MPACjack Summer League
Newton, Chris Black Diamond AC
Ogden, Russ Arnies AC
Ogley, B Houghton Main AC
Oldfield, Terry Woodseats AC
Oliver, Paul Thurnscoe Coronation WMCAC
Owen, Barry Fighting Cocks AC, Rawmarsh
Owen, Barry Fighting Cocks FC, rawmarsh
Owen, Craig Thry Bar Mill Corus
Oxley, Ian Arnies FC
Parkes, Dave Travellers AC
Parkes, Kevin British Oak AC
Parkin, Nigel Norton House Country Club
Parnell, Neil Blackburn & Wincobank CC AC
Parramore, Steve Nethergreen AC
Parson, John Chapeltown WMC AC
Pinder, Andy CW Fletcher AC
Poss, Mick MPACjack 
Prentice, Tony Travellers AC, Kimberworth
Pritchard, Trevor Travellers AC, Kimberworth
Proffitt, Gavin Black Diamond AC
Proffitt, Greg Black Diamond AC
Proffitt, Nigel Black Diamond AC
Radford, Gary Travellers Rest, Oughtibridge
Richardson, Craig BJ Memorial
Richardson, Granville Unison
Riley, Andy Unison
Riley, Dave Masons Arms, Rennishaw
Robinson, Trevor Secretary
Rockliff, Pete Sprotborough Nomads
Roden, Eddie CW Fletchers AC
Roper, Albert Thurnscoe Coronation WMC
Roper, John Kilnhurst AC
Roper, Paul Kilnhurst AC
Royston, J Shakespeare AC
Savage, Tom Boundary AC
Saxton, Malcolm Secretary
Sayles, David Neill Tools AC
Sayles, Kenny Sportsman, Hackenthorpe
Scott, Graham Hogshead Angling
Scott, Mick Ranmoor Piscatorials
Scott, Mick (Jnr) Darnall Green AC
Scott, Mick (Snr) Darnall Green AC
Scott, Steve Thry Bar Mill Chorus, Rotherham
Scott, Steven Thry Bar Mill Corus
Searle, Brian Semi Final
Shannon, Paul The Ranch AC
Shaw, Harold Secretary
Shaw, Mick Lord Nelson AC
Shaw, Pete Norton House Country Club
Sheldon, Lee Blackburn & Wincobank CC AC
Sheldon, Vic Blackburn & Wincobank CC AC
Shipman, Rob Ranch AC
Shone, Ray Sprotborough Nomads
Sissons, Paul Houghton Main AC
Slater, Duncan Norton House Country Club
Slater, Phil Norton House Country Club
Smith, Dave Nethergreen AC
Soar, Barry Unison
Speechley, Jack Mosborough Tackle Box
Staniland, Dave Sothall AC
Stanton, Paul Southey WMC
Stead, Steve Yew Tree FC, Coal Aston
Stefaniak, Bob Ranch AC
Stockwell, Andy Conisborough Cricket Club AC
Stubbings, Roy Fighting Cocks, Rawmarsh
Sweet, Robert Travellers AC, Kimberworth
Symonds, Ian Jenkins AC, Retford
Taff, Albert Ranmoor Piscatorials
Taylor, Dave Houghton Main AC
Thompson, Dave Woodseats AC
Thompson, Roy Sothall AC
Titterton, Ron Boundary AC
Todd, Mick White Lion AC, Sheffield
Tomkinson, Dave White Lion AC, Sheffield
Turner, Gary British Oak AC
Turner, Keith Noah’s Ark AC
Turner, Paul Houghton Main AC
Turton, Fred Dormer AC
Turton, Mick West End AC
Tyson, Dave Sprotborough Nomads
Vernon, Drew Secretary
Wagstaff, Kev Sprotborough Nomads
Wagstaffe, Corrie Sothall AC, Beighton
Walsh, John Secretary
Ward, Ian British Oak AC
Ward, Mark Norton House Country Club
Wardle, Richard Masons Arms Renishaw
Warren, Tony Sprotborough Nomads
Wasden, Simon MPACjack Summer League
Werra, Jan Ranch AC
White, Ken Nethergreen AC
White, M Half Moon AC
Whitehouse, Sid Secretary
Whittle, Bill Secretary
Whittle, David Golden Plover, Hackenthorpe
Whitwell, Gary White Lion AC, Sheffield
Wilburn, Andy Houghton Main AC
Wild, Bob Lord Nelson AC
Wild, Ian MPACjack 
Wilkinson, Graham White Lion AC, Sheffield
Williams, Mark Lord Nelson AC, Sheffield
Womble, Julian Black Diamond AC
Woollett, Barry Secretary
Worboys, Brian Secretary
Wragg, Mark New Inn AC
Wright, Ian Arnies AC
Wright, Paul Travellers Rest, Oughtibridge
Yerdley, Richard Arnies FC
Young, John Blackburn & Wincobank CC AC
Buckler, Mick


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