Club Angler Championship Match Reports 2009-10 – Page Two

The race is already on to qualify for the 2010 semi final on Monday 3rd May. Catch the results weekly in the Green Un newspaper angling column or search the archives here. Every match submitted to the competition will be reported in this section of the web site. Remember, it’s the match winner who goes through to the final, not necessarily the guys in the photographs.

The Colin Dyson Memorial Trophy

The Colin Dyson Memorial Trophy

Could you be the next holder of the coveted Colin Dyson Memorial Trophy?

From The Green Un 13th June, 2009…


Thurnscoe Coronation WMCAC, Lodge FarmFisheries, Lily Pool

It’s fair to say that Dave Nicholson, a stalwart member of the ‘Cora’ club has been on a bit of a losing streak of late.  Actually he’s not won a match in his past 180 outings with the club, a feat spanning 15 years.

However, on the eve of this match I gather he found a £20 note on the floor outside the club. Clearly a lucky omen. He then picked up £50 by winning the football card and just to round off what was turning into a fantastic evening he drew the golden peg for the following morning’s match. Perhaps the Gods were finally smiling on him.


Jeff Goring

Jeff Goring

Arriving at his peg he found it was like a jaccuzzi with fish fizzing and feeding all over the place. A win would have been worth £300 to Dave, not to mention a place in next year’s Green Un semi final for the very first time.


Unfortunately Carling don’t do fishing matches, but if they did old ‘Nicko’ wouldn’t have sunk without trace again!


As it was, the infamous ‘Gay’ Goring (as the Angling Times once christened him in error but a name like that tends to stick in Thurnscoe) nicked the narrowest of wins, two ounces ahead of John Hopes, fishing a pellet waggler. His net of just seven carp, all taken on ‘donkey choker’ 10mm pellets, was just enough to top Hopes’ net of skimmers and three carp on red maggot.

Result: 1. J Goring 28-6; 2. J Hopes 28-4; 3. M Cunliffe 25-11; 4. P White 21-2; 5. B Danforth 16-15; 6. K Feast 14-2.


Hogshead Angling, Straight Mile Fisheries

Aaron Neal

It’s bad enough to blank on a fishery as prolific as the Straight Mile but having to wear the dreaded Barnsley Blanker shirt for the Hogshead’s next match is just rubbing salt in the wounds of Gary Tyzack.

Paul Donavon had no such problems as he caught small barbel and chub to 4lb by switching between pole and feeder to present worm hook baits.

Result: 1. P Donavon 31-12; 2. L Beresford 23-10; 3. A Neal 22-8; 4 R Leake 21-2; 5. C Pridmore Snr 20-9; 6. J Dickens 20-1.


Tight Lines AC (Spring League 2009), Carterhall Fishery,  Sheffield


They say practise makes perfect but not in this case it doesn’t. Anglers practising for the final match of the Tight Lines Spring League made big catches of orfe to 2lb by spraying upwards of half a gallon of maggots but rising temperatures on match day saw that method fail miserably. Instead Lol ‘the ide man’ Lax had to target 6 different lines to keep the bites coming from what proved to be a much smaller stamp of ide.


League Winner Roy Gibson

The league itself was over before the match started thanks to Roy Gibson unassailable points tally so it was a case of who could claim second. Despite winning this match Lol Lax still had to settle for fourth spot. Phil Lakin needed another 8oz of fish on the day to claim second in this match and in the overall league. Alas Barrie Smith held him off which meant Barrie Moats sixth placed catch gave him enough points on the day for the pair to draw level on league points. A count-back on total weights over the series swung the verdict Moat’s way.

Result: 1. L Lax 20-0; 2. B Smith 19-8; 3. P Lakin 19-0; 4. G Dyke 14-8; 5. T Caulkwell 14-0; 6. B Moat 10-0.


Final League Standings

1. Roy Gibson 10 points; 2. Barrie Moat 20 points (total weight 215-1); 3. Phil Lakin 20 points (total weight 179-14);; 4. Lol Lax.


Houghton Main, Venue: Hayfield Lakes 


Rob Burgin

It’s rare to lose a match by a clear 16lb and then say one fish would have made all the difference but it certainly would have done if Alan Fisher’s biggest carp was anything to go by. Taking advantage of having an empty peg next door he fished meat tight to the platform and caught five ‘lumps’ the biggest weighing a staggering 17lb 3oz but it was the two he lost that left him ruing his chances. Like most, winner Vic Molyneux ground out his win using the pellet waggler but seagulls caused all manner of havoc in this match as they swooped at every airborne pellet, including those on the anglers lines. Two were hooked, one by Gary Craven and the other by Rob Burgin who effected a smart bit of catch and release with no harm done except to the seagull’s pride.

Result: 1. V Molyneux 76-6; 2. A Fisher 60-1; 3. B Ogley 57-7; 4. R Burgin 54-8; 5. A Wilburn 39-12; 6. D Molyneux 33-8.


Lord Nelson AC, Sheffield, Messingham Sands, Island Pond


On a cold, wet and windy day when Messingham failed to live up to its billing, Richard Hartley romped home using bomb and hair rigged large pellet, almost doubling Tony Marshall’s second placed catch, yet he had all his fish all in the first hour and a half.

Result: 1. R Hartley 52-14; 2. T Marshall 27-8; 3. N Hogg 21-14; 4. S Stokes 21-1.


Lord Nelson AC, Sheffield, Lindholme Fisheries, Willows Lake


Mark Williams

Mark Williams

The Nelson’s next match saw a dramatic weather change but the scorching hot conditions meant the carp’s minds were more inclined towards spawning than feeding. Mark Williams decision to target chub, barbel and tench using chopped worm paid handsome dividends but we may have to keep an eye on fourth placed Josh Nelson as one for the future. At thirteen-years-old he’s already holding his own with far more experienced anglers.

1. M Williams 23-7; 2. C Hepworth 18-13; 3.  T Marshall 14-12; 4. J Nelson 13-10;


White Lion AC Sheffield, Lakeside, Ranskill


Lakeside Fisheries has to be one of the best all-round fisheries in the entire country and although this match was won by Graham Wilkinson topping up a silver fish catch with carp in the last hour it’s the overall silver fish potential that makes it so outstanding. Where else will you get a top six, each weighing over 50lb, that is mostly made up predominantly with bream, roach and ide?

Result: 1. G Wilkinson 80-15; 2. M Holmes 77-4; 3. P Broomhead 55-5; 4. I Varley 51-1; 5. D Tomkinson 50-5; 6. A Topham 50-1.


Fighting Cocks FC, Rawmarsh, Candy Corner


Three double figure carp in the last hour, the best weighing 14lb 12oz, gave Roy Stubbings a deserved win. He caught them presenting paste down the edge at peg 6.

Result: 1. R Stubbings 45-12; 2. L Billups 25-4; 3. D Jarvis 25-0; 4. N Stubbings 24-12; 5. N Owen 23-0; 6. B Hudson 22-0.

Section Winners: Jimmy King, Tony Eades and Neil Owen.


Conisborough Cricket Club Angling Section, Triangs Fishery, Thorne, Heron Pond


Losing a few carp made no difference to Andy Stockwell in this match as he dominated from start to finish catching carp to 15lb on pole and paste in shallow water

Result: 1. A Stockwell 74-2; 2. B Ford 44-7; 3. A Urrity 25-2; 4. J Jones 22-0; 5. K Hemmingway 21-1; 6. A McKie 12-3.


Norton House Country Club Vs Sheffield Transport Club Challenge, Lodge Farm Fisheries, Field Lake


Phil Slater may have secured the individual honours for Norton House but in the team stakes for this annual challenge match it was the Transport Club lads who ran away with proceedings scoring a resounding 233lb 2oz to 132lb 5oz victory.


Slater shrugged off a despondent week following a futile trip to Wembley to see his beloved United miss out on promotion – I’ll not include the match secretary’s comments as he’s clearly an Owl(!) – to take full advantage of a warm wind on a scorching day blowing straight into his corner peg 18. Switching between meat, corn and maggots he caught carp to 4lb throughout the match.

Result: 1. P Slater(NHCC) 50-15; 2. L Binns (STC) 42-8; 3. D Wainwright (STC) 41-12; 4. P Heath (STC) 28-3.


Yew Tree FC, Coal Aston, Hallcroft Fisheries, Bridge Outer


Result: 1. Chris Case 40-0; 2. J Edwards 32-0; 3. J Goddard 16-4; 4. S Stead 14-0; 5. G Bluff 7-10; 6. R Booker 7-2.


From The Green Un 20th June, 2009…

Kilnhurst AC, Lindholme Fisheries, Bonsai Lake


Neil Owen

Neil Owen

Five of the top six in this match drew in the forties and the competition was intense but it was Paul Roper who pulled away from Neil Owen fishing an in-line method feeder with pellet hook bait.


And don’t try telling Bob Hudson that Stillwater barbel don’t fight very well. He learned his lesson the hard way when one that snapped his pole clean in two!

Result: 1. P Roper 73-14; 2. N Owen 66-10; 3. M Cecha 56-12; 4. M Humphries 41-15; 5. S Hargreaves 37-12; 6. J Foster 37-11;


British Oak AC, Mill Dam Fishery, Girton


Gary Turner

Gary Turner

With the venue’s carp pre-occupied by their summer nuptials this was never going to be an easy match but Gary Turner and Pal Lister, drawn pegs 20 and 23 respectively found plenty of obliging fish on top of the far shelf at 14.5 metres in 18 inches of water. With fish running between one and 6lb a fair few came adrift but Gary nicked it by exactly a pound with his worm hook baits marginally outscoring Pauls caster attack.

1. G Turner 48-13; 2. P Lister 47-13; 3. H Nicholson 23-10; 4. I Ward 15-2; 5 A Cartwright 13-7; 6. A Bacon 12-6.


Boundary AC, KJS Fisheries, Canal Lake


A good win this for Tom Savage who had to hold off a determined challenge from our own ‘Man From Atlantis’ Dave Loveday.

Result: 1. T Savage 54-6; 2. D Loveday 49-13; 3. P Blythe 47-7oz; 4. R Titterton 40-5; 5. P Hurt 27-12; 6. G Hurt 23-11.     


MPACjack Summer League, Brampton Straight Mile


Colin Prdmore

Changeable weather conditions in the run-up saw most anglers gamble on targeting the Straight Mile’s prolific roach stocks but Simon Wasden sewed this one up catching carp and chub straight from the off using chopped worm at Peg 74 .

Result: 1. S Wasden 22-3; 2. S Dobson 17-7; 3. S Bradshaw 13-3; 4. C Pridmore 13-5; 5. M Poss 10-15; 6. S Newsome 10-4.


Woodseats AC, Aston Pond, Pond Two  


Dave Tomkinson

Dave Tomkinson

On a very bright, clear day, there was plenty of fish activity to see but they were spawning rather than feeding. Drawn on peg three, Dave Tomkinson was the only angler to keep the fish coming regularly as fish to 10lb fell for his luncheon meat offerings

Result: 1. D Tomkinson 80-0; 2. P Broomhead 32-10; 3. T Oldfield 19-4; 4. D Sayles 18-4; 5. K Worrall 17-12; 6. P Gorman 16-0.
Blackburn And Wincobank Conservative Club AC, Sheffield Clanal, Plumpers Section


Only three anglers managed to break 5lb in the club’s Caffreys Cup match

With Neil Parnell netting mostly skimmers in an eight pound net.

Result: 1. N Parnell 8-2; 2. K Atkinson 6-13; 3. V Sheldon 5-13; 4.

A Compton 4-5; 5. M West 2-8; 6. S Bennett 2-7.


Blackburn And Wincobank Conservative Club AC, Lodge Farm Fisheries, Scrooby, Field Pond

Mick Hague

Mick Hague

Blackburn’s Angler of the Year series kicked off on rain and wind swept Field Pond but Vic Sheldon shrugged off the weather as he drew the fish close. Fishing full depth at 3 metres out with pellet and worm, Vic took a mixed bag of small carp and skimmers to fend of a determined challenge from Martin Hague.

Result: 1. V Sheldon 33-5; 2. M Hague 25-15; 3. J Young 19-6; 4.

S Bennett 19-45. C Wilkes 18-8; 6. P Rasdale 14-10.


The Golden Plover AC, Sheffield, Woodhouse Grange Fisheries, Kingfisher Lake


Fishing corn over pellet at 10 metres Paul Foster put together a winning catch of roach and small carp but he was pushed all the way by Grant Pask who switched between pole and waggler to combat a very gusty wind.

Result: 1. P Foster 28-11; 2. G Pask 28-0; 3. K Oakley 20-4; 4. D Willoughby 19-10; 5. P Otter 16-0; 6. G Moore 13-10.                                                       


Woodhouse West End, Sheffield, Lindholme Fisheries, Willow and Sycamore Lakes


Paul Cartledge

Paul Cartledge

Anglers struggled with the wind on this one as brollies were trashed and it proved impossible to fish a long pole in some areas. Knowing the venue well aided Paul Cartledge who opted to fish at just 5 metres where he able to tempt bites from a steady stream of obliging carp, tench and trout but it was two god carp late on that secured what proved to be comfortable win. It was a family affair for the runner-up spot as twins Wayne and Darren Upton matched each other fish for fish but it was Wayne who nudged ahead on the whistle.

Result: 1. P Cartledge 55-6; 2. W Upton 37-5; 3. D Upton 36-5; 4. S Duggan 33-2; 5. H Shaw 32-8; 6. B Hobson 29-8. 


West End AC, Portland Waters


John Mills

John Mills

Torrential rain and even a thunderstorm failed to dampen the spirits of the West Rnd lads who enjoyed a rare old ‘bagging’ spree. John Mills Snr led the way falling one fish short of a ‘ton’ fishing meat tight over on the long pole to take carp to 4lb. Runner-up Paul Ashley caught on cat meat at short range and included carp and barbel to 3lb in his total.

Result: 1. J Mills Snr 97-0; 2. P Ashley 87-12; 3. P Donnelly  85-14; 4. G Dodsworth 68-04; 5. P Dobson 66-7; 6. M Turton 64-4.


Jenkins AC, Retford, Lakeside Fisheries, Ranskill


This was a romp for Darren Godley who fished pellet and meat across to the island at peg 7 to take skimmers and carp to 9lb. He finished a full 60lb clear of the second man, Ian Symonds on peg 10.

Result: 1. D Godley 85-4; 2. I Symonds 23-10; 3. B Taylor 19-2; 4. S McClean 18-6; 5. R Boulby 9-13; 6. J Hunt 7-8.


Conisborough Cricket Club AS, KJS Fisheries, First Pond


Match secretary Andy Stockwell coped better than most with the rain presenting worm, pellet and paste to an island at 12 metres to take small carp but it was the skimmers he caught at 3 metres that eased him home in front of Roger Barron.

Result: 1. A Stockwell 13-10; 2. R Barron 12-5; 3. A Urrity 11-6; 4. A McKie 10-14; 5. K Bywater 4-7; 6. J Jones 4-3.


Hogshead Angling, Sheffield’ Straight Mile Fishery


John Mulhearn

John Mulhearn

With no blank recorded in this match it means no-one gets to wear the Barnsley Blanker shirt next time out but that was never going to concern Lee Beresford who romped home catching chub to 3lb right from the off. Fishing worm just 6 inches deep at 16 metres he didn’t even need the bonus 12lb carp he caught.

John Dickens, who put 30lb of roach in his net made a poor tactical decision by gambling on catching a carp in the last hour. Unfortunately he didn’t have a bite as he slumped from second to fourth place.

Result: 1. L Beresford 70-9; 2. J Mulhearn 37-15; 3. J Neall 34-11; 4. J Dickens 30-15; 5. R Platts 27-14; 6. M Posinger 23-11.


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