Come And Say Hello…!

Kevin Green was an inspiration to us all. He loved fishing and worked tirelessly to promote the sport. It’s 17 years since I first fished with him (in Canada). I was nearer his dad’s age yet we remained good friends till the tragic end. Even when diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour he remained pragmatic and upbeat, positive even. Yes, I shed tears, but as much in awe of the bloke’s character and selfishly for my loss.

We shot loads of magazine and newspaper articles together, we made TV programmes and he came calling when he needed a diary columnist for IYCF. Despite his busy schedule he even joined us on the bank when Stu and I were filming Caught In The Act. I’m proud that he knew me as a friend and vice versa.

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Brian Skoyles is organising a very special day to celebrate Kev’s life next month. He’s invited a load of Kev’s mates along for a social day. Friends like Terry Hearn, Jan Porter, Mick Brown, Julian Cundiff and many, many more including myself. He’s also inviting you.

The event will be staged at Lemington Lakes on Thursday 14th August. You can mingle, watch Kev’s mates fish, meet them, pick their brains, be coached, watch demonstrations or just chill out in nice surroundings.

Okay there’s an entry fee of £10 per car but that’s nothing, the monies raised are going to good causes. It would be nice to see a decent turn-out. Are you coming?

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