Daiwa Club Match Angler 2016

From Monday 4th April anglers who have qualified for the Daiwa Sports sponsored 2015/ 2016 Sheffield Star Club Match Angler Championships, better known for the past 39 years as ‘the Green Un Final’, can book a semi-final place by contacting match organiser Geoff Hurt. A full list of names can be found at the foot of this article.

Match entry costs £20 all-in and must be paid in advance. Please send a cheque or postal order for £20 payable to Green Un Match Anglers Championship and post it to:

Geoff Hurt, 36 Hazelbarrow Road, Jordanthorpe, Sheffield, S8 8AW. Tel: 07921 166136


Believe it or not this will be the 40th year of the competition. Forty years! And we’re proud to have Daiwa Sports on board yet again as our sponsor. Daiwa will be supplying three grand’s worth of top quality prizes and some lucky so-and-so will also be crowned Club Match Angler Champion.

Geoff and Pauline Hurt

As in recent years, the number of qualifiers leaves us with no choice but to stage two semi finals. Both will be staged at Hayton Lakes.

After consulting with numerous anglers and match secretaries the consensus was, could I possibly avoid Saturdays and Sundays because this conflicted with their own club calendars, hence the shift back to May’s two Bank Holiday Monday matches.

With this in mind the first semi will take place on Monday the 2nd followed by a second one on Monday 30th May. The advantage being if someone is away on holiday for one of the dates they’re probably going to be able for the other.


We wanted somewhere special for the 40th final. A venue that will potentially provide bumper weights, lots of action but without being overly peggy. That’s a near impossible ask but one venue that cries out to be used is somewhere we’ve not visited in the past, Bank End Fisheries Match Lake.

Again we’re going to avoid the weekend, instead we’ll stage the fina on the afternoon of Friday 24th June. This means we will have the whole lake at our disposal and that should help no end when it comes to fair pegging. Fishing into the evening should boost weights, too.

Most of you already know the facilities at Bank End are excellent with a superb on-site cafe and a well-stocked farm shop. Hot food is available until 1.30, perfect for an afternoon start.


Dates For Your Diary

Semi Final One: Monday 2nd May, Hayton Lakes, Kingfisher Lake

Semi Final Two: Monday 30th May, Hayton Lakes, Kingfisher Lake

Final: Friday 24th June, Bank End Fisheries, Match Lake

Have You Qualified?

If you’re already in the list below then you need to decide which semi you want to take part in and pay your pools because pegs are limited and allocated on a first come, first served basis. Regular updates can be found in the Sheffield Star’s regular Friday angling column.

2015/ 2016 has been a bumper year with 250 different anglers having qualified already. If you are one then you need to decide which semi final you wish to fish and book your place. Here’s the current list in alphabetical order:

Alcock, Steve
Allen, Craig
Allison, Shane
Ancliff, Ray
Anderson, Pip
Appleton, Robert
Aspinal, Jamie
Bailey, Mick
Barker, Mel
Beckett, Des
Beckingham, Shane
Beighton, Andy
Bennett, Tony
Bentley, Roger
Beresford, Paul
Biggin, John
Billups, Steve
Boatman, Mally
Bows, Mark
Bradbury, Tot
Bradshaw, Neil
Brady, Darren
Brookes, Gary
Brownhill, Derek
Buckler, Mick
Burgin, Rob
Burke, Mark
Burkinshaw, Matt
Butcher, Dave
Butterfield, Rodger
Campbell, Paul
Caton, Dave
Chambers, Roy
Chappel, Wayne
Charlton, Steve
Cheshire, John
Chisholme, John
Chorlton, Ray
Claire, Anthony
Clarke, Jeff
Clarkson, Craig
Clemence, Alan
Cod, John
Codling, Phil

Coleman, Steve

Collins, Graham
Collinson, Shane
Copnell, Tony
Coward, Mick
Cowley, Alan
Crabtree, Jack
Craven, Gary
Crossley, Neal
Crothers, Les
Curtis, Steve
Czajkowski, Dave
Daddy, Malcolm
Davie, Tom
Dawson, Mick
Deakin, Jamie
Dearman, Steve
Dent, Paul
Depledge, John
Devine, Dave
Devlin, Adey
Dodson, Mark
Doggy, Lee
Driver, Fred
Edwards, Ashley
Edwards, Mick
Else, Ron
Evason, Jack
Eves, Chris
Farrer, Brian
Fawcett, Trevor
Foottit, Nigel
Foster, David
Francis, Nev
Francis, Steve
Frogget, Martin
Froggett, Clint
Furniss, Andy
Gardiner, Danny
Gaston, Steve
Gibson, Geoff
Gibson, Roy
Glover, Cliff
Golland, Tom
Gosling, Dwayne
Graham, Scott
Grayson, Mick
Grayson, Simon
Greensides, Chris
Grey, Stuart
Gunn, John
Hague, Martin
Haith, Trevor
Hannington, Bob
Harper, Matt
Harrison, Alan
Harrison, Mick
Hattersley, Phil
Havenhand, Keith
Hextall, Lee
Higginbottom, Keith
Hill, Bob
Hill, Keith
Hill, Roger
Hill, Simon
Hinson, Dave
Holberry, Steve
Holmes, Mark
Hunt, Sid
Hurt, Geoff
Hurt, Pauline
Hutchinson, Alan
Hutson, Mark
Jardine, Andy
Johnson, Danny
Jones, Les
Jordan, Kev
Kellyman, Ant
Keyworth, John
Kirton, Mel
Lambley, Steve
Lancaster, Nigel
Lane, Dorian
Large, Mick
Law, Shane
Lazenby, Ernest
Lee, Mick
Leigh, Trevor
Leng, Steve
Lomas, Mick
Marsden, Richard
Mastin, Pete
Maxtead, Ian
McGarry, Colin
McGrath, Tom
Mellor, James
Meluish, Dave
Micklethwaite, Scott
Miller, Martin
Mitchell, Kevin
Mitchell, Ron
Moat, Barrie
Molyneux, Dave
Molyneux, Vic
Moor, John
Morris, Garry
Mullett, Andy
Munaser, Faisel
Munaser, Omar
Nelson, Wayne
Newbound, Steve
Newsome, Steve
Newsome, Tom
Nightingale, Ray
Oldfield, Terry
Owen, Barry
Owen, Mick
Owen, Neil
Owen, Steve
Palmer, Keith
Palmer, Matt
Parker, Darren
Parkes, Alan
Parkes, Gig
Parkes, Kevin
Parsisson, Craig
Patrickson, Dave
Payling, Mark
Pearson, John
Pettinger, Craig
Phipps, Jason
Pinder, Andy
Pogson, Steve
Poole, Bob
Potts, Tony
Pridmore, Colin
Prior, Mick
Quick, Alan
Redfearn, Chris
Reville, Steve
Richardson, Billy
Richardson, Craig
Richardson, Scott
Riley, Andy
Roberts, Carl
Robinson, Trevor
Rolph-Ward, Tom
Ross, George
Saxton, Malcolm
Sayles, Frank
Scorah, Col
Searle, Brian
Searle, Mick
Shaw, Brad
Shaw, Mick
Sheldon, Lee
Shipman, Rob
Shone, Ray
Sills, Michael
Simpson, Gary
Sissons, Paul
Sixsmith, Mark
Skinner, John
Slater, Duncan
Smith, Mark
Smith, Stewart
Spooner, Pete
Standage, Keith
Stanley, Pete
Stanton, Paul
Stevens, Tony
Stones, Dug
Sullivan, Iain
Tate, Mel
Tate, Ron
Tea, Richard
Thistlewaite, Dave
Thompson, Malc
Tindle, Julian
Tomkinson, Dave
Topham, Alan
Trewick, John
Turner, Gary
Turner, Paul
Turton, Mick
Tyson, Dave
Unsworth, Jamie
Wadsworth, Dave
Walsh, Jim
Walters, Keith
Walton, Ken
Ward, Rich
Ward, Tom
Wasden, Simon
Webster, Graham
Wheeler, Dave
White, John
Whitehouse, Sid
Wilkinson, Graham
Williams, Ken
Willoughby, Jack
Willoughby, John
Wood, Fred
Wooldridge, Alan
Wragg, Mark
Young, John

Who Can Enter?

The Club Match Angler Championships is open to all fishing clubs in the Sheffield Star circulation area – which pretty much covers the whole of South Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire (Sheffield, Chesterfield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster).

To qualify for the semi you need to win a club match and submit the result to me, Bob Roberts, within 7 days. The competition email address is greenun@sky.com and I’d appreciate if all correspondence about the competition is sent to that address.

Win a section in the semi final and you’re automatically through to the final where 20 anglers will compete for £3,000 worth of Daiwa gear. It’s as simple as that.

Entry forms (electronic) are available from the same address.

And Just For the Reprobates and Chancers…!

Each year a whole bunch of names creep out of the woodwork claiming that I must have ‘lost’ their entry. A likely story! If you think you should be in the list and are confident that you or your match secretary submitted an entry form, feel free to plead your case, via email, by writing to: greenun@sky.com

Please include full match details or better still, just forward the original; email. That way you are guaranteed a place.

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