Barbel Days And Ways Volume 1

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How can you capture the magic of barbel fishing on a wild river, the smell of a summer’s dawn when mist lingers in the hollows, the simple peaceful serenity of it all? And what barbel angler hasn’t experienced that heightened sense of anticipation followed by the pure adrenaline rush, those heart-stopping moments we always get when the rod is almost wrenched from our grasp?

Is it possible to recreate that kind of experience in someone’s living room?

You be the judge.

It would have been easy to make a purely instructional film but does a car repair manual make you want to set your alarm for 3am to check your tyre pressures? Of course not!

Bob and Stu knew from the very start that this project would demand a great deal of sacrifice and effort. It would test their imagination and it was clear that full justice could not be served in the space of one film, so a concept was born. Barbel Days And Ways does exactly what it says on the tin, different days, different rivers and different ways to catch them. They’ve involved a few friends and guests, too, who will share their knowledge as they tackle the UK’s hardest fighting coarse fish.

Now sit back and enjoy. This is what barbel fishing is all about…

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