Barbel Days And Ways Volume 2

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After months of patient observation and underwater filming, the secret world of the river prince is about to be revealed in the kind of detail that will not fail to amaze you.

For the first time ever you will hear for yourself what a barbel hears. See exactly how barbel home in on the sounds made by other feeding fish, particularly chub. Marvel at how they turn over stones and pebbles in search of food and watch how barbel dig up pellets buried under coarse gravel right in front of the camera lens. Check out how they filter food morsels from mouthfuls of silt and fine gravel in a never to be forgotten view that was shot from right beneath a feeding fish.

The fish are feeding ravenously but observing how they get away with picking up the hook bait time and time again will probably lead to sleepless nights – especially if you are a fan of short hook links…

Our main guest this time is Barbel Society Chairman Steve Pope, who reveals exactly how he tackles the River Kennet in Berkshire. Bob Roberts takes on the challenge of a small river in tricky conditions and explains how you might use a simple trick to beat floods on other rivers.

The final segment is a medley of fast and furious action featuring Bob and Stu as the pair go roving on a Midlands river. They make catching look easy but don’t be fooled by that! We reckon you’ll love the sequence where a barbel is filmed as it succumbs to a bait positioned just a few feet away from the angler, too.

This film takes up where Volume One left off.

Sit back and enjoy…

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