Barbel Days And Ways Volume 3

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Everyone knows that fish location is vitally important whatever the species but when it comes to catching barbel the way you feed and the way your bait behaves on the riverbed will make a massive difference to your results. In Volume Three we reveal some remarkable underwater footage of baits being swept away by quite modest flows.

You will see barbel sucking up considerable amounts of feed on open ground and how they will root in the stones to get every last morsel. If nothing else, this film will challenge your baiting perceptions and hopefully it will help you to develop successful baiting strategies for the waters you fish.

Few anglers know the River Teme better than Dave Mason so it was a real privilege to join him on one of his favourite stretches. We also reveal how we filmed a barbel as it actually took Dave’s hook bait just half a metre away from a camera.

We’re indebted to Graham Jones of Planet Prints and Armando Piccinini for the footage of a diver feeding wild barbel by hand in an Austrian river. This is a river we’d all like to fish!

And if that’s not enough, flavour guru and all-round angling pioneer, Archie Braddock reveals the secrets of his dead maggot approach while Bob Roberts shows how (and how not to…) tackle the tidal River Trent.

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