Barbel Days And Ways Volume 4

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The sport of angling is full of mysteries and while we like to think we know lots about fish behaviour this film will reveal how little we actually understand, even when it comes down to something as simple as choosing the best hook link materials.

The underwater sequences reveal exactly how different materials behave on the river bed and how fish react to them, how back leading can cause as many problems as it solves but more than anything, you’ll think long and hard about the way you use PVA bags in future. If you think that hooking on a PVA bag will deposit a nice patch of free offerings around your hook bait, think again.

We join Yorkshire legend Mick Wood on the fabulous River Wharfe where he shows there’s more to catching barbel than just chucking out a feeder. Mick uses simple float tactics to fool some heavily pressured fish.

We revisit the River Teme with ace barbel guide Dave Mason and talk about bait developments and we spend time on the glorious River Wye where Bob Roberts and Stu Walker explain how they approach a stretch of river they’ve never even seen before.

Using basic watercraft in very difficult conditions it’s not long before they’re catching truly wild barbel in spectacular surroundings on a stretch that is freely available to anyone who wishes to fish there.

If you’re serious about barbel this is one film you cannot afford to miss.

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