Fisky’s Fantastic Feeders

Since last Friday’s appearance on Sky TV’s Tight Lines show I have been inundated with requests for information about Fisky’s Fantastic Feeders.

These feeders are without any shadow of a doubt the best heavy duty feeders for use on big rivers that money can buy. The drawback is that everyone is hand made personally by Paul Fisk in his spare time. It’s just a bit of a hobby really, a hobby that’s getting out of hand!

They’re not cheap, the best things in life seldom are and there’s no way to post them cheaply because they weigh rather a lot (which is the whole point, really).

Feel free to email Paul at or you might catch him on 07884 114143 but do be patient. The bloke’s trying to rennovate his house and there are only so many orders he can work on at any given time.

Good luck…

4 thoughts on “Fisky’s Fantastic Feeders

  1. Its all very well telling us about the great feeders but how do I get them?

    You say contact Fisky but I did that and was told to go on the website.

    Explanation please.

  2. Dear Peter

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the enquiry.

    I’ve just spoken with Fisky on your behalf. You can email Paul Fisk at or give him a call direct on 07884114143.

    He’s also going to have a stand at the Tenchfishers meeting on 21st November and at the Barbel Specialists on the 6th December.

    Hope that sorts you out.


    Bob Roberts

  3. Hi bob ive just purchased a daiwa infinity 2.25 test barbel rod . I thought the action was a bit soft wen i hooked a 4 lb barbel on the wharfe the other night but went again in the recent floods and had barbel up to 8 1/2 and it coped great . Can u suggest a reel to team it with im using 5000 baitrunner at mo but thats for my other rod thanx

    • I’ve never really found any need to fish with a reel greater than a 4000 for barbel fishing. Nor do I ever use a bait runner. I find that a front drag reel with the drag backed off half a turn is quite adequate and does away with that awful moment when a fish that’s screaming off is stoppped in its tracks as the reel handle is turned. That’s an unneccesary risk of a hook pull in my book. Far better to gently apply extra drag by tightening the drag knob. Each to their own I suppose but the main reason I see for folk use bait runners is so they can zip themselves up snug and warm in a bivvy. Is this what barbel fishing is really about?

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