Green Un 2019 – Qualifiers

Can it really be that time of year again?

Yes it is! We are now entering the closing stages of the 2018/9 Daiwa sponsored Star Newspapers (Green Un) Club Match Angler Championship. Here are the Venue details and dates for your diary:

Semi Final: Monday 6th May, 2019. Hayton Lakes, Retford, Kingfisher Lake.

Final: Sunday 2nd June, 2019. KJS Aston Springs, Snake Lake

And here’s the list of qualifiers from matches published in the regular Friday night Sheffield Star newspaper’s Grass Roots section angling column.

For now, you only need check if your name’s in the list. If it is, just pencil those dates in your diary, nothing else. If your name’s missing and you think it should be in there, get in touch immediately and let’s see if we can sort it out.

I will announce booking and payment details shortly, both on here and on the new Green Un Facebook Page. For now, please be patient as I’m busy getting all the dominoes in a row so the whole event goes smoothly.

So here it is, your first draft of the qualifying list. You know what to do if you’re not in it, the comment box is immediately below or you can email

2018/9 Championship Qualifiers

Ainley, Boo
Alcock, Steve
Allen, Craig
Allen, Richard
Archibald, Gaz
Bailey, Mick
Bates, Andy
Bates, Peter
Beckett, Des
Beckingham, Shane
Beightone, Andy
Beresford, Paul
Bertram, Alan
Bestall, Steve
Bishop, Neil
Bowes, Mark
Bowler, Richard
Brady, dan
Briggs, Mick
Brotherton, Andy
Brown, Barry
Brown, Derek
Brown, Russ
Brumpton, Mick
Buckler, Mick
Burgin, Rob
Burkinshaw, Matt
Burkinshaw, Mick
Caton, Dave
Chapman, Phil
Cheshire, John
Chisholm, John
Chorlton, Ray
Clark, Tim
Clay, Graham
Clayton, Lee
Colley, Rob
Collins, Steve
Collinson, Shane
Cooke, John
Cooke, Neil
Copnell, Tony
Corbett, Bill
Coward, Mick
Creighton, Andy
Crooks, Paul
Deakin, Pete
Dearman, Shane
Derrett, Russ
Devine, Dave
Donnelly, Paul
Driver, Dave
Driver, Fred
Easton, Shane
Eckersley, Alan
Edwards, Darren
Elliott, Dave
Eves, Chris
Eves, John
Farrer, Brian
Fern, Ronnie
Fielding, Steve
Fletcher, Tony
Flynn, Keran
Foottit, Nigel
Francis, Nev
Francis, Steve
Frith, Wayne
Furniss, Andy
Garlick, Chris
Gavan, Daniel
Golland, Tom
Gray, Pete
Grayson, Simon
Gregory, Brian
Hadfield, Ricky
Hancock, Paul
Harding, John
Harrison, Alan
Harrison, Mick
Hayhurst, Dennis
Heath, Phil
Higginbottom, Keith
Hill, Andy
Hill, Roger
Hogan, Keiran
Holberry, Dave
Holberry, Steve
Holmes, Mark
Howe, Matt
Hurt, Geoff
Hurt, Pauline
Ingram, Andy
Jackson, Kev
Jardine, Andy
Johnson, Andy
Johnson, Danny
Johnson, Neil
Jones, Les
Kelk, Liam
Kirton, Mel
Lake, Marlon
Lakin, Phil
Lambley, Mike
Lambley, Steve
Lavendar, Graham
Law, Shane
Lazenby, Ernest
Leary, Lee
Lindley, Gareth
Lockton, Steve
Lockwood, Ron
Lomas, John
Marsden, Clive
Martin, Graham
Massey, Paul
Mawby, Geoff
May, David
McGary, Colin
Millward, Neil
Mitchell, Ron
Molyneux, Vic
Moore, Andy
Moore, John
Morgan, Shane
Morley, Andrew
Morley, Pete
Morris, Gary
Morris, Mel
Mullett, Dave
Mycock, Chris
Myers, Danny
Neall, John
Newsome, Steve
Newsome, Tom
O’Connor, Bernard
Oldfield, Terry
Palmer, Matt
Parkes, Kev
Parsisson, Craig
Patrickson, Dave
Perkins, Brod
Pinder, Kev
Pogson, Mick
Proffitt, Greg
Quick, Alan
Richardson, Billy
Roberts, Carl
Robinson, dean
Robinson, Trevor
Ross, George
Sargeson, Alan
Saxton, Malcolm
Sayles, Frank
Sayles, Mick
Searles, Brian
Sedgewick, Pete
Shaw, Tony
Sheldon, Lee
Simpson, Mick
Sixsmith, Mark
Skelton, Dave
Smith, Liam
Smith, Mark
Smith, Stu
Smith, Terry
Smith, Wayne
Spooner, Pete
Stacey, Andy
Stanniland, Dave
Stanton, Paul
Stocks, John
Sullivan, Josh
Tate, Mel
Thompson Matt
Todd, Mick
Tomkinson, Dave
Topham, Alan
Turner, Ann
Turner, Gary
Turner, Paul
Turner, Reg
Walsh, Jim
Walters, Keith
Ward, Tom
Wardle, Richard
Webster, Graham
Wheeler, Dave
Wilburn, Andy
Wilkinson, Graham
Wood, Fred
Wragg, Mark
Young, John

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