Green Un Qualifiers 2016/17

There is no other competition dedicated solely to club match anglers that can even come close to the Daiwa sponsored Club Match Angler Championship run in conjunction with the Star Newspapers’ Grass Roots in Sheffield. Now in its 41st consecutive year the event has attracted getting on towards an astonishing £100,000 in sponsorship during that era. 


Open to all club match anglers in the Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Barnsley and Chesterfield region, entry is completely free. It just requires your match secretary to submit results to me, Bob Roberts, via email to

Match winners are invited to participate in the semi final stage with section winners going through to the grand final.

Tension mounts at the draw

Tension mounts at the draw

With each year that passes the demand grows, so much so that it has become necessary to hold two semi finals and a final to determine who will be crowned the Club Match Angler Champion. Qualifying is open until April with semis being fished (usually) in May. Throw in the optional pools and we’re definitely talking the richest club-only event in the country.

Green Un Final 2015

Dates for the finals will be released shortly but for now it’s all about claiming a place. Already we have over 220 different qualifiers. If you’re in the list then you need do nothing for now other than to keep an eye open for updates. I’ll let you know how to secure your tickets to the semis around the end of March/ beginning of April. Regulars will know the score. It’ll be the same as always with pools paid up front to Geoff and Pauline Hurt.

Geoff and Pauline Hurt

So here we go. If you’re not in the verified list (below) but think you’ve been missed then please get in touch via the Green Un email address (above) and plead your case. Make sure you send some kind of proof that your match result was submitted, say a copy of the result – ideally resend the original email – that works every time. Forgetting to submit results (or sending them in 6 months late) is not my problem and counts for nothing. Claiming emails get lost is just as weak an excuse. If you sent it then you’ll have a copy of the original in your sent mail folder. But occasionally I do make mistakes… 😉

Here’s the latest list of semi finalists in alphabetical order as of 14th January, 2017.

Adcock, Gedd
Alcock, Steve
Allen, Craig
Allsop, Pete
Appleton, Bob
Ashton, John
Bagnall, Shaun
Barker, Matt
Beckett, Des
Beighton, Andy
Bennett, Richard
Bentley, Chris
Beresford, Paul
Biggin, John
Boatman, Mally
Buckler, Mick
Burgin, Rob
Campbell, Paul
Cardwell, Dean
Chambers, Roy
Chapman, Phil
Charlton, Ray
Cheshire, John
Clark, Jeff
Clarkson, Craig
Clay, Graham
Colley, Rob
Collinson, Shane
Copley, Ian
Copley, Ian
Copnell, Tony
Corbett, Bill
Coward, Mick
Cowley, Alan
Craven, Gary
Creighton, Andy
Crooke, Paul
Crookes, Martin
Curtis, Steve
Czajowski, Dave
Dawson, Mick
Deakin, Jamie
Depledge, John
Derret, Russ
Devine, Dave
Dodson, Mark
Donnelly, Paul
Donovan, Paul
Driver, Fred
Dungworth, Lee
Dunstan, Brian
Edwards, John
Edwards, Mick
Elliott, Dave
Eshelby, Mick
Eves, Chris
Evitts, Les
Fletcher, Paul
Flynn, Keran
Flynn, Liam
Fogg, Eddie
Foottit, Nigel
Foster, Steve
Francis, Nev
Froggett, Adam
Froggett, Alex
Frolic, Andy
Gaston, Steve
Gersch, Steve
Gibson, Roy
Gosney, Pete
Graham, Scott
Grayson, Simon
Gregory, Brian
Griffin, Pete
Gunston, John
Hadfield, Ricky
Hague, Martin
Haith, Trevor
Hanson, Roy
Harding, John
Harrison, Alan
Harrison, Mick
Hartley, Martyn
Hattersley, Phil
Hayhurst, Dennis
Head, Alf
Heeley, Roger
Herring, Pete
Hextall, Lee
Hill, Andy
Hill, Bob
Hill, Keith
Hill, Roger
Holberry, Steve
Homes, Mark
Hopkin, Pete
Hopkin, Steve
Hudson, John
Hurt, Geoff
Hurt, Pauline
Hutson, Mark
Ireland, Ian
Jackson, Paul
Jardine, Andy
Jeffcoat, Bill
Johnson, Danny
Johnson, Lee
Johnson, Neil
Jordan, Kev
Kirton, Mel
Lambley, Mike
Lambley, Steve
Lane, Dorian
Law, Shane
Lazenby, Ernest
Legdon, Chris
Marsh, John
Martin, Kev
Mawby, Geoff
May, David
Mayfield, Mick
McGary, Colin
McGrath, Tom
Mellor, James
Meluish, Ben
Micklethwaite, Scott
Mitchell, Ron
Moat, Barry
Molyneux, Vic
Morris, Garry
Morris, Mel
Neal, John
Newbound, Steve
Newsome, Tom
Oldfield, Terry
Owen, Barry
Owen, Charlie
Owen, George
Palmer, Matt
Palmer, Ted
Parker, Darren
Parker, Gareth
Parkes, Gig
Parkes, Kev
Payling, Mark
Pearson, Dave
Pinder, Andy
Pogson, Mark
Pogson, Mick
Poole, Bob
Powley, Doug
Purdey, Chris
Quick, Alan,
Richardson, Billy
Roberts, Carl
Robinson, Trevor
Ross, George
Royston, John
Sargeson, Alan
Saxton, Malcolm
Scholey, Tom
Scott, Steve
Searle, Mick
Searles, Brian
Searles, Brian
Shaw, Mick
Sheldon, Lee
Shipman, Rob
Shone, Ray
Sills, Mick
Skinner, John
Slack, Daniel
Smith, Ian
Smith, Liam
Smith, Stuart
Smith, Terry
Spooner, Pete
Stanley, Pete
Stanton, Paul
Stubbings, Roy
Sullivan, Ian
Swift, David
Tate, Russ
Taylor, Derrick
Taylor, Luke
Teigh, Rich
Todd, Mick
Tollerfield, Dave
Tomkinson, Dave
Topham, Alan
Trewick, John
Tunstall, John
Turner, Anne
Turner, Colin
Turner, Gary
Turner, Paul
Turton, Mick
Tyson, Dave
Wadsworth, Dave
Walsh, Jim
Walters, Keith
Walters, Keith
Ward, Gavin
Ward, Ian
Ward, Richard
Ward, Tom
Watson, Bill
Webster, Graham
Wells, Scott
West, Martyn
Wheeler, dave
Wiley, Rich
Wilkinson, Graham
Williams, Mark
Willis, Steve
Wordsall, Roger
Wragg, Mark
Young, John

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    • Details can be found in last Friday’s angling column in the Star newspaper. Live updates will again be found in the Star this coming Friday (14th April) and the web site will be updated whenever I can free up the time. Hopefully this week.

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