Green Un Qualifiers 2020

Without checking, I’m pretty certain this year will be the 43rd consecutive year of the ever-popular Club Match Angler Championship. Known widely as ‘The Green Un’ in reference to the sports newspaper that launched it, now hosted by the Sheffield Star and the Doncaster Free Press and sponsored by Daiwa Sports.

If you have qualified to take part in the semi final, you will find your name in the list below. If you ‘think’ you’ve qualified but not in the list then your club match secretary will have some explaining to do. I’m sure he’ll have a copy of the email he submitted with your successful result. If he hasn’t, you may well be out of luck.

191 anglers (so far) have found no difficulty in following the rules.

For the past decade or longer we’ve tried to organise the semi final on the Mayday Bank Holiday Monday. You are probably aware that in 2020 the Mayday Bank Holiday has been switched to a Friday 8th May in order to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the end of World War 2 celebrations, so that is when we will be hosting the Club Match Angler Championship semi final.

Match anglers are a difficult bunch to please. We’ve rotated the semi final around various venues and the only constant that can be relied upon is folk complaining about the venue. There is no venue that everyone is happy with and I can guarantee if someone says, ‘Why don’t you put it on at so-and-so?’ Someone else will shout out, ‘I ain’t going there!’

You lot are impossible to please! Anyway, dig out your diary, these are the dates you need to pencil in:

Semi Final Details

The Daiwa/ Sheffield Star/ Doncaster Free Press/ Club Match Angler Championship Semi Final will be hosted by Lindholme Lakes on (May Bank Holiday) Friday 8th May, 2020.

Final Details

Section winners from this match will qualify for the final at Sykehouse Fisheries, Twin Isles Lake, on Bank Holiday Monday 25th May, 2020.

Name Missing?

Listed below you will find the provisional list of qualifying anglers based on results submitted to me this season. If your name is not included you will need to prove you submitted the result of your qualifying match. A date-stamped email showing you sent it to is the simplest way, sent via your club match secretary.

Name Included?

If you are in the list of 191 names below you need do nothing other than to check your availability for the semi final. However, on Friday March 13th details of pools, how much, how to pay, etc, and how to register that you wish to fish will be published in my angling notes column in the Sheffield Star (and all its various editions) and in the Doncaster Free Press in my Angling Notes column.

As always, this will involve paying your pools up front to Geoff and Pauline Hurt, our match organisers, to secure a place in the semi. For pegging purposes this has to be done up-front. No pay, no fish. You have 6 weeks (or more) to stump up the pools, so no excuses.

List Of Qualifiers – 2020

Adams, Dean
Alcock, Steve
Allen, Richard
Appleton, Bob
Bacon, Chris
Ballsover, Denis
Barker, Alan
Bates, Peter
Batham, Andy
Beckett, Des
Beighton, Andy
Beresford, Lee
Beresford, Paul
Bowler, Richard
Briggs, Mick
Broadhead, Keith
Brotherton, Jess
Brown, Russ
Buckler, Mick
Burkinshaw, Matt
Butler, Paul
Buxton, Eddie
Caton, Dave
Chambers, John
Chambers, Trevor
Chapman, Phil
Cheshire, John
Clark, Chris
Clark, Tim
Cockell, Daniel
Colley, Rob
Collins, Steve
Colton, Lee
Coward, Mick
Crossley, Neal
Dalton, Matt
Deakin, Jamie
Deakin, Peter
Derritt, Russ
Devine, Dave
Dodson, Mark
Donnelly, Paul
Driver, Fred
Dungworth, Lee
Easton, Aaron
Easton, Alan
Easton, Shane
Edwards, Darren
Else, Ron
Eves, Chris
Fell, Mick
Fern, Ron
Fielding, Steve
Finbow, Tom
Flynn, Liam
Foottit, Nigel
Francis, Neville
Francis, Steve
Freeman, Jon
Frith, Wayne
Froggett, Clint
Froggett, Martin
Furniss, Andy
Garlick, Chris
Gavan, Dan
Gibson, Roy
Golland, Tom
Goodrum, Richard
Gosney, Pete
Grayson, Simon
Gregory, Brian
Gregory, Roy
Hague, Martin
Hancock, Paul
Harper, Steve
Harrison, Mick
Hattersley, Paul
Herring, Dave
Hicks, Gaz
Hill, Roger
Hogan, Keiran
Holbery, Steve
Holmes, Mark
Hopkinton, Alan
Hubbard, John
Hurt, Geoff
Hurt, Pauline
Jardine, Andy
John, David
Johns, Dave
Johnson, Andy
Johnson, Dan
Johnson, Neil
Jones, Les
Jubb, Daniel
Keran, Keran
Kirton, Mel
Lakin, Phil
Lambley, Mike
Lambley, Steve
Lax, Lol
Lazenby, Ernest
Lee, Chris
Lockton, Steve
Lomas, John
Lomas, Mick
Machin, Clive
Martin, Graham
Martin, Kevan
Massey, Dave
Mawby, Geoff
McGarry, Colin
McKenzie, Ian
Mitchell, Ron
Mollard, Dean
Moore, Bob
Morgan, Shane
Morley, Pete
Morris, Gary
Morris, Mel
Murphy, Phil
Mycock, Chris
Myers, Danny
Naylor, Mick
Nelson, Wayne
Newsome, Steve
Newsome, Tom
Nicklin, Peter
O’Connor, Bernard
Oldfield, Terry
Palmer, Matt
Parkes, Kev
Parkin, Alan
Parsisson, Craig
Pinder, Kev
Postlethwaite, Mick
Pridmore, Colin
Primrose, Colin
Proctor, Mal
Proffitt, Greg
Proffitt, Nigel
Quick, Alan
Redfearn, Leslie
Redfern, Alan
Richardson, Billy
Roberts, Carl
Robinson, Steve
Robinson, Trevor
Rogers, Stephen
Rusling, Craig
Sargeson, Alan
Saxton, Malcolm
Scott, Terry
Sedgewick, Pete
Sellars, Andy
Simpson, Gary
Smith, Andy
Smith, Liam
Smith, Mark
Smith, Ronnie
Smith, Terry
Speechley, Jack
Spooner, Pete
Staniland, Dave
Stanton, Paul
Steedon, Ryan
Stone, John
Tate, Mel
Tate, Russ
Teigh, Rich
Thompson, Roy
Todd, Mick
Tomkinson, Dave
Topham, Alan
Turner, Gary
Turner, Reg
Unwin, Paul
Walker, Kev
Walsh, Jim
Walters, Keith
Walton, Ken
Ward, Ian
Ward, Tom
Wardle, Richard
Watkinson, Graham
Wesley, Matt
Wheeler, Dave
Worick, Steff
Wragg, Mark
Wright, Chris
Younge, Nathan

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