Green Un Semi Final 2012


The Green Un Club Match Angler Championship has shown year-on-year growth for more than a decade but this is the first year when we’ve had no choice but to announce TWO semi final matches.If your name’s in the list below then you’re a qualifier and you need to act quickly to secure your place. 

The matches will be staged at Hayfield Fisheries on Sunday 6th and Monday 7th May with the draw commencing at 08.30am. If your name is in the list and you want to fish then you simply need to make out a cheque or postal order for £20 payable to Green Un Match Anglers Championship and post it to the match organiser stating clearly which day you want to fish:

 Geoff Hurt, 36 Hazelbarrow Road, Jordanthorpe, Sheffield, S8 8AW. Tel: 07921 166136

The £20 covers pools and pegging and must be paid in advance. There will be no registration on the day of any match. It is anticipated that an optional fiver pool will be organised at the draw.

Here is the latest list of qualifiers:

Adcock, Glen; 
Alcock, Steve; 
Allen, Craig; 
Allen, Dave; 
Bacon, Chris; 
Bagnall, Sean; 
Ball, Glynne; 
Ball, Graham; 
Barnes, Steve; 
Bates, Max; 
Beasley, Colin; 
Beighton, Andy; 
Bell, John; 
Bell, Paul; 
Bell, Richard; 
Benton, Mark; 
Beresford, Les; 
Bestall, Steve; 
Betts, John; 
Billups, Les; 
Bilton, B; 
Binns, Tony; 
Bissel, Mark; 
Blanksby, Dave; 
Bloomer, Steve; 
Bows, Mark; 
Bowskill, Michael;
Bradley, Paul; 
Bradshaw, S; 
Bray, Chris; 
Bray, Steve; 
Briggs, Mick; 
Broomhead, Phil; 
Brotherton, Andy; 
Brotherton, Jez; 
Broughton, Jay; 
Brownell, Mick; 
Buckler, Mick; 
Buffon, Alan; 
Bunting, Dave; 
Burgin, Rob; 
Burke, Mark; 
Burkinshaw, Ern; 
Burkinshaw, Matt; 
Butcher, Dave; 
Butler, Paul; 
Bywater, Kim; 
Carr, Pete; 
Carthy, Rob; 
Cartwright, Steve; 
Casson, John; 
Caukwell, Tony; 
Chambers, Roy; 
Chambers, S; 
Chapman, Brett; 
Chorlton, Ray; 
Clarkson, Scott; 
Clarkson, Steve; 
Colley, Glyn; 
Cooper, Gary; 
Cornwall, John;
Cornwall, S;
Coultas, Andy; 
Cowley, Alan; 
Cox, Neil; 
Craven, Gary; 
Creighton, Andy; 
Crookes, Paul; 
Cunliffe, Mick; 
Curtis, Michael; 
Czajkowski, Dave; 
Dalton, Keith; 
Dalton, Lee; 
Dalton, Matt; 
Danforth, Alan;
Davies, Matt; 
Davies, Roy;
Dawson, Pete; 
Dawson, Terry; 
Debham, Darren; 
Derrett, Russ; 
Devine, Dave; 
Devlin, Adrian; 
Dickens, John; 
Dobson, Phil; 
Dodsworth, Gary; 
Donnelly, Paul; 
Donovan, Paul;
Drew, Vernon; 
Dunraven, Paul; 
Dyson, Steve; 
Edwards, Ashley; 
Edwards, Derek; 
Edwards, John; 
Elliott, Dave; 
Ellis, Brian; 
Ellis, George; 
Ellis, Simon; 
Eyre, David; 
Eyre, Perry; 
Fenwick, Paul; 
Fey, Martin;
Fisher, Dean; 
Fletcher, Anthony; 
Flynn, Keran; 
Footitt, Nigel; 
Ford, Mick; 
Fowler, Russ; 
Froggatt, Clint;
Furniss, Andy; 
Gavan, Daniel; 
Gay, Barry; 
Golland, Tom; 
Gorman, Paul; 
Gosling, Duane; 
Gray, Paul; 
Gray, Pete; 
Grayson, Mick;
Hague, Martin; 
Hall, Mick; 
Hanson, ‘Ice Cream’ Roy; 
Hanson, ‘Wednesday’ Roy; 
Hardwick, Leon;
Hargreaves, Steve; 
Hartley, Martin; 
Havenhand, Andy; 
Hawkins, Andy; 
Hawley, Mick; 
Haynes, Paul; 
Haywood, Chris; 
Head, Alfred; 
Hibberd, John; 
Hibberd, Pete; 
Hill, Keith; 
Hill, Rodger; 
Hinson, Dave; 
Hogan, Kieran; 
Hornsby, Roy; 
Howell, Kev; 
Hull, Pete; 
Hull, Robert; 
Humphries, Mick; 
Hurt, Geoff; 
Hurt, Pauline; 
Hutchinson, Jason; 
Hutchinson, Jay; 
Jackson, Kev; 
Jackson, Paul; 
James, Martin; 
Jessop, Andy; 
Johnson, Danny; 
Johnson, Jack; 
Johnson, Lee; 
Jones, Ian; 
Jones, Ivor; 
Jones, Les; 
Kettle, Dave; 
Kimpton, Bob; 
Kitchen, Robert; 
Lakin, Phil; 
Lambley, Steve; 
Law, Shane; 
Lax, Lol; 
Lazenby, Ernest; 
Leake, Robin; 
Lee, Johnny; 
Legdon, Chris; 
Leng, Steven; 
Lindsay, Steve; 
Lister, Paul; 
Lloyd, John;
Loosemoor, Warren; 
Loveday, Dave; 
Lunn, Dave; 
Marshall, Matthew; 
Marshall, Mick; 
Martin, Steve; 
Mastin, Pete; 
May, David; 
McCurdy, Alf; 
Melhuish, David; 
Mills, Liam; 
Mitchell, Mick; 
Mitchell, Ronnie; 
Moat, Barrie; 
Molyneux, Brian; 
Molyneux, Dave; 
Morley, Terry;
Mulhearn, John; 
Mullett, Pete; 
Munaser, Faisil; 
Munaser, Omar; 
Murray, Bill;
Neal, Dave; 
Nellis, Steve; 
Newbound, Steve; 
Newsome, Steve
Newton, Chris; 
Newton, Les; 
Nicholson, Howard; 
Nicklin, Peter; 
Nunns, Harry; 
Oldfield, Paul; 
Owen, Barry; 
Owen, Craig; 
Owen, Neil; 
Owen, Steve; 
Parker, Keith; 
Parkes, Dave; 
Parkes, Kev; 
Parnell, Neil; 
Parramore, Steve; 
Patrickson, Dave; 
Pearson, Dave; 
Pedeltey, Neil; 
Phillips, Jason; 
Pinder, Andy; 
Poss, Mick; 
Prentice, Tony; 
Pridmore, Colin; 
Proffitt, Greg; 
Proffitt, Nigel; 
Quixall, Denis; 
Redfearn, Chris; 
Redfren, Alan; 
Reville, Pete; 
Reynolds, Dave; 
Riley, Mick; 
Robinson, Dean; 
Rockliffe, Pete; 
Roper, Albert;
Roper, John; 
Roper, Paul; 
Russell, Charlie; 
Sales, Mal; 
Saxton, Malcolm; 
Sayles, David; 
Sayles, Frank; 
Scott, Mick (Jnr); 
Scott, Mick (Snr); 
Sczcupak, Andy; 
Searle, John; 
Sheldon, Lee; 
Shone, Ray; 
Simpson, Gary; 
Sissons, Paul; 
Sixsmith, Mark; 
Smith, Ian; 
Smith, Stuart;  
Speechley, Jack; 
Spooner, Pete; 
Stanley, Pete; 
Stefaniak, Bob; 
Stockwell, Andy; 
Stokes, Steve; 
Stones, James; 
Street, Ryan; 
Stubbings, Roy; 
Swain, Chris; 
Sweetnam, Carl; 
Taylor, Max; 
Thomas, Paul;
Thomas, Ron; 
Thompson, David; 
Thorpe, Albert; 
Tollerfield, Dave; 
Trewick, John;
Trow, Jack; 
Turner, Anne; 
Turner, Gary; 
Turner, Paul; 
Turton, Dave; 
Turton, Fred; 
Turton, Jonathon; 
Turton, Mick; 
Wadsworth, Dave; 
Wagstaffe, Corrie; 
Walker, Steve; 
Wallis, Terry; 
Walsh, Jim; 
Walton, David; 
Walton, Paul; 
Wardle, Richard; 
Warren, Tony; 
Wasden, Simon; 
White, John; 
White, Ken; 
Whithurst, Mick; 
Wilburn, Andy; 
Wilkinson, Gareth; 
Willis, Richard; 
Witham, Steve; 
Wragg, Mark; 
Wright, Ian; 
Wrookes, Billy; 



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