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It was a genuine honour to be invited to be part of Angling Times’ fantastic My Life In Angling series. I’ve followed the series on Youtube with great interest because it’s a rare opportunity to see and hear top anglers speaking candidly about themselves without all the product references and plugs you get in their magazine articles.

You may or may not agree that ‘My Life’ shines a spotlight on what I feel has been angling’s golden era. At least the tail end of it.

To tie in with my interview there was a nice spread in the paper picking out the highlights and best soundbites. Must say I loved the headline they ran with. It sums me up to a tee…!!!

Lloyd Rodgers’ picture is a belter, too, and if you look closely it confirms what you already suspected, I CAN walk on water!

My Life

Personally I think these interviews, broadcast freely on the Times’ Youtube Channel are a stroke of genius. My only regret is they didn’t record similar interviews 50 years ago. Imagine that. There must have been some amazing characters around but they’re pretty much lost to us forever. Few anglers in those days had what you might call a serious library of photographs. Nor did they appear on TV or radio programmes so all we have to look back on are a few grainy black and white images.

My Life In Angling is history in the making. Personalities preserved for posterity and the nearest thing to an angling hall of fame. Maybe someone should start one, or an accademy. Let’s have an annual awards night! Just imagine the after-parties. Wow…

4 thoughts on “Go On, Watch This Video Clip!

  1. Bob, just got to say this is one of the best interviews I have had the pleasure to listen to for a long long time. I was part of the Trev’s Browning team fishing those nationals in the 80’s and early 90’s, when nationals were nationals.
    I’m now basing myself in Thailand, and listening to your interview is inspiring me to get out find some new venues and do a bit of filming.
    Thanks for sharing the interview, I thought it was brilliant.
    Mark Hoye

  2. Bob, I an remember reading your first article in Coarse Angler when CD let me read it on the banks of the gravel pit at Girton and he asked me what I thought (he often did that). I replied it was an angling article written by an engineer but if I wanted to fish that water it would have been invaluable. Little did I know then that you being an engineer on the railways would change my life
    Thank goodness some of Colin’s guidance has rubbed off on you as his enthusiasm for fishing rubbed off on me.


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