New Video Clip – The Bait Dropper

No doubt excited by the launch of Dinsmores new bait dropper Stu called to say he’d fish out some previously unshown footage that would explain why he never leaves home without a couple of bait droppers in his bag.

The footage shows initially shows Stu baiting a few swims with an identical dropper. This alone is an education when you see just how acurately he places the dropper with a simple underarm flick.

You then see a swim being baited from an underwater perspective.

Let me be absolutely clear here. There is no camera or editing trickery whatsoever. The fishes reactions to bait being introduced with a dropper is in ‘real time’. Nothing is speeded up. Nothing is clipped out. What you see is exactly what happened, as it happened.

Makes you wonder about the frequently mooted tactic of bait up and leave it an hour, doesn’t it? And the claim that droppers frighten fish.

9 thoughts on “New Video Clip – The Bait Dropper

  1. Remarkable.

    Obviously I dont use my droppers enough, but will now.

    Surprising how quick the fish came on the feed and they were not that scared by the dropper adding more grub.

    Can’t wait for this severe cold to clear off, my old bones dont like it one bit although it would be nice to see some rain to get our rivers moving in the Midlands. The Avon is very low and clear.

    Enjoying the blogs. Keep ’em coming and have a good Christmas.

    Dave Burr.
    (Better known in the 60’s!!)

  2. For anyone who’s maybe confused, this is the original Dave Burr who won the NFA National Championships on the River Huntspill back in 1965 and not to be confused with the other Dave Burr who used to be secretary of the Barbel Society.

    Dave launched a tackle shop in Rugby 48 years ago (how time flies eh?) with his father-in-law Reg Banks and it’s still going today. type into your browser of you want to take a look.

  3. Bob,

    I’ve watched all your dvd’s and now this short clip. Being totally convinced I have been using a bait dropper all this season.

    While fishing the Wharfe friends of mine who I would class as more experienced anglers tell me not to put any bait in as it backs the fish off. I ignored the advice and baited up with a dropper and caught, but so have they. Do you think all rivers respond in the same way to a dropper, ie pull the fish in? or is that a silly question..

    Cheers, Stu.

  4. There are two words I try not to use about fishing – always and never.

    Some things work 99 times out of 100 but there’s always that odd exception you cannot explain, but that’s what keeps fishing interesting. If there weren’t those puzzling conundrums it would be boring, kind of like darts…!

    Let’s just say it would be an exceptional situation if I DIDN’T carry/ use a bait dropper when barbel fishing – winter or summer.


  5. Hi bob,

    I’m looking at buying one of the seymo bait droppers, which one would you recommend for the Warwickshire Avon?

    • Bad news. Sports Direct have bought out Seymo and have dropped these bait droppers from the range so all sizes are unavailable. If you are able to find any old stock gathering dust in shops. My preference is for the smaller sizes. You will need a spod rod to handle a large one loaded with hemp.

  6. No idea. Warwickshire, Bristol or Hampshire Avon? Fast swim, slow swim, close to bank, far side? Depth. Carrying extra water or normal? So many variables. I carry several Dinsmore droppers with added lead to suit swims and conditions. There is no hard and fast rule.

    • Ok thanks, I’ll look at buying 4 or 5 of different sizes.
      It’s actuallly the Warwickshire Avon near Evesham, quite a slow flow and around five feet deep. I’ll be fishing far bank mostly.