Old Bob’s A Sport!

Well my column for the Sunday Sport begins in earnest this weekend and I have to say they’ve done a cracking job with both the layout and content. Concerns expressed in certain quarters that I was selling my soul to the devil seem a little wide of the mark if you ask me.

Apparently the paper’s market research has revealed that a lot of their readers actually go fishing and they want to play it straight which means I’m being encouraged to include a degree of technical content in my copy, something that suits me down to the ground.


Yes, it’s true, I was dead against the magazine Fish ‘N Tips. FNT was a venture seeking to introduce scantilly clad women and titilation to a fishing magazine whereas introducing fishing to a less than serious newspaper that features scantilly clad women is a completely different ball game.

For the zealous who cannot see this, well, we’ll simply have to agree to differ.

Meanwhile, you may regard me as a missionary!