Pikelines Magazine

For those who may not be aware the Pike Anglers Club (PAC) produces four superb magazines each year, proper glossy jobs and well worth reading. It’s well worth joining just to get hold of the mag but if you’re wondering what the fuss is about then why not take a look for yourself.

The PAC has kindly given me permission to publish two back issues of the magazine on my Scribd page.

You can read online or download them in PDF format. Alot of work goes into producing publications like this so when you’ve had your free read why not have a look at the PACGB web site and give some thought to actually joining. Seriously, they’re not a bad old lot!

Just click on either of the images below and the Scribd page will open in a new window:




You’ll also find a series of PAC guidlines if you care to check out my Scribd homepage.