Tench Fishing Special

Sywell Spectacular

An article describing how Matt Brown and I tackled the spectacular tench shoals of Sywell Reservoir in Northamptonshire.

First published in Coarse Fisherman, you can see the full illustrated article exactly as it appeared in the magazine by clicking on the link below which, providing you’re patient, will open up as a printable 5-page PDF format document.


7 thoughts on “Tench Fishing Special

  1. I think i am going to have to stop reading these fishing Articles and Blogs, they always make me want to load the car up with my fishing gear and just go fishing, seeing as it’s Pitch Black outside and bloody freeeeeeeezing, probably not the best idea i have ever had …………. 😮

    I wish i had all the Rods, Reels and Tackle do do just half of the Fishing i have read about on this great site.

    Keep up the great work and excellent articles, just a bit less of the Teasing please HA HA HA HA HA 😀

  2. I used to fish the Swale and Nidd with Stuart Walker in my younger days before I moved to London. I have just viewed yours and his videos on line, I think they are brilliantly made, and remind me of the style of my favorite fishing programme some time ago ( a passion for angling).
    I learnt alot about fishing from Stuart and he is very knoledgable about the subject.
    PS. If possible can you give Stuart my e mail address above.and ask if he will e mail me.

    Respectfully Jason Sewell

  3. Do you still have this article available Bob? As it’s unavailable clicking the link and i’m hoping to get to Sywell for the first time after the river season closes.


  4. There you go, problem fixed. Click on the link and the original article will now open up in a new window in PDF format.

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