Time To Book Your Place

Roll Up For The Final Showdown

It’s Semi Final time in the Club Match Angler Championship and if you have any designs on lifting the coveted Colin Dyson Memorial Trophy then you need to act soon. Tickets for the semi final stage are limited this year. We are holding just ONE semi final as opposed to the two in recent years and there are only 140 places up for grabs which will be available on a first-come, first served basis. If you intend to be part of the biggest club match angler competition in the UK then urgent action is required.


Demand is expected to be high. It may even outstrip supply so don’t hang about.

If you are in the list below and wish to secure a place don’t hang about, contact the match organiser, Geoff Hurt (details below), to register, pay your pools and book your place. Match entry is £20 all-in with a 100 per cent pay-out on the day, minus pegging fees.

This year’s venue is the home of Fish-‘o’-Mania, Hayfield Fisheries, near Doncaster, and following your suggestions, bearing in mind the match covers all three lakes – Island, Big and Little Adams, we are changing the semi final payout structure to level the playing field. Instead of jackpot pay-outs for the individual top weights the main cash pool will be spread equally across the 20 sections. In other words you will only be fishing against your own section and not the whole field.

In the event of a sell-out we will split the match into 20 separate sections of 7 anglers which would mean you would simply have to beat the other 6 anglers in your section to win £100 and automatically qualify for the £2,000 Daiwa sponsored final.


This means you are not reliant upon drawing a ‘flier’ any more. Wherever you draw you will now be rewarded equally. There will be no such thing as a bad peg or bad section. Saying that, some folk do like a flutter so in addition to the main pool we will organise a completely optional £5 pool on the day which, subject to agreement, will be split equally between the winners of each lake.

In the final, section winners from the semi will be competing for cash pools on the day plus £2,000 worth of Daiwa tackle prize vouchers. Following the success of last year’s trial, the top 4 anglers in the 20-peg final will win Daiwa tackle vouchers  to the value of £1,000, £500, £300 and £200. These can be redeemed against any items of their choice from the latest range up to the face value of the voucher or indeed as part-payment towards a bigger ticket item.

Details For Your Diary

Semi Final: Sunday 6th May, Hayfield Lakes, All pegs

Register up to 8.00am

Draw at 8.15am

Fish 10.00am till 4.00pm

Final: Sunday 3rd June, KJS Aston Springs, Snake Lake

How To Book Your Place

Assuming you’ve already qualified via a match published in my column in the Sheffield Star newspaper or one of it’s sister publications (Rotherham, Barnsley, Doncaster, Chesterfield), to take part in the semi final you must contact the match organiser, Geoff Hurt and pre-pay your £20 pools and pegging fee. This can be paid in cash direct to Geoff or by cheque or postal order made payable to Green Un Match Anglers Championship. Should you decide to enter the optional £5 pool this will be collected on the day.

Whichever way you decide to pay, you MUST include a contact telephone number. If you qualify for the final and for any reason cannot make the final, this enables us to allocate your place to whoever came second in the section. Contact details will be treated as confidential and will not be used for marketing purposes or for any other reason other than to contact you regarding this match.

Geoff Hurt’s contact details are: 36 Hazelbarrow Road, Jordanthorpe, Sheffield. S8 8AW. Tel: 07921 166136

Here’s the list that matters…

Adamson, Craig
Allen, Craig
Bates, Peter
Batty, Jonathan
Beadsly, Andy
Beckett, Des
Beighton, Andy
Beresford, Paul
Boatman, Mally
Botham, Dave
Bower, Dave
Bowes, Mark
Bowler, Richard
Briggs, Mick
Broadhead, Keith
Brotherton, Andy
Brown, Derek
Brown, Russ
Buckler, Mick
Burgin, Rob
Burkinshaw, Matt
Burrows, Paul
Butterfield, Rodger
Butterfield, Roy
Byrnes, Dave
Caddick, Steve
Cadman, steve
Campbell, Paul
Cardwell, Dean
Caton, Dave
Chambers, Roy
Cheshire, John
Chisholm, John
Chorlton, Ray
Chy, Dave
Clay, Graham
Clayton, Lee
Collinson, Shane
Cooke, Neil
Copnell, Tony
Coward, Mick
Craven, Gary
Creighton, Andy
Crooks, Paul
Curtis, Steve
Dale, Ronnie
Davie, Tom
Deakin, Pete
Dennison, Dave
Devine, Dave
Dodson, Mark
Donnelly, Paul
Driver, Fred
Driver, Fred
Dugan, Steve
Dye, Wayne
Eades, Tony
Easton, Aaron
Easton, Shane
Eckesley, Alan (Snr)
Edwards, John
Elliott, Dave
Eshelby, Mick
Evason, Bill
Farrer, Brian
Fern, Ronnie
Fielding, Steve
Flynn, Keran
Flynn, Liam
Foottit, Nigel
Foster, Dave
Foster, Steve
Francis, Neville
Frolic, Andy
Fulwood, Paul
Furniss, Andy
Garlick, Chris
Gaston, Steve
Gersh, Steve
Golland, Tom
Gosling, Duane
Gosney, Pete
Graham, Scott
Gray, Pete
Grayson, Simon
Gregory, Paul
Griffin, Pete
Hadfield, Ricky
Hague, Dave
Haith, Trev
Hall, Bryan
Hanson, Roy
Harding, Johnny
Harrison, Alan
Harrison, Alan
Harrison, Mick
Hattersley, Paul
Hayhurst, Dennis
Heath, Phil
Higginbotttom, Keith
Hill, Andy
Hill, Andy
Hill, Keith
Hill, Roger
Hogan, Keiran
Holberry, Steve
Holmes, Mark
Howe, Matthew
Ingram, Andy
Jardine, Andy
John, David
Johnson, Dan
Johnson, Neil
Jones, Les
Jubb, Daniel
Keenan, Ronnie
Kelk, Mark
Khola, Ronnie
Kholar, Ron
Kirton, Mel
Lambley, Steve
Law, Shane
Lawton, Mark
Lazenby, Ernest
Legdon, Chris
Lomas, Mick
Mac, Andy
Manchester, Steve
Marsden, Keith
Martin, Kev
Maud, Denis
May, David
Mcmahon, Lee
Melhuish, Dave
Mellor, James
Mellor, roy
Meluish, Ben
Micklethwaite, Scott
Mitchell, Ron
Moat, barry
Molyneux, Vic
Moore, Richard
Moran, Tim
Morgan, Shane
Morley, Terry
Morris, Gary
Morris, Mel
Mulhearne, John
Muscott, Geoff
Nelson, Wayne
Nemeth, Lee
Newsome, Steve
Newsome, Tom
Nightingale, Ray
North, Tony
Oldfield, Paul
Oldfield, Terry
Owen, Barry
Owen, Charlie
Owen, Neil
Palmer, Matt
Parker, Daz
Parkes, Gig
Parkes, Kevin
Parsisson, Craig
Patrickson, Dave
Pearson, Dave
Pearson, John
Pease, John
Perkins, Brod
Pinder, Andy
Pinder, Kev
Pitcher, Sam
Pogson, Mick
Poole, Bob
Potts, Tony
Powely, Doug
Revill, Steve
Richardson, Billy
Ridgeway, Dennis
Roberts, Carl
Robinson, Trevor
Royston, John
Rusling, Craig
Rusling, John
Rusling, Keith
Sargeson, Alan
Saxton, Malcolm
Searles, Brian
Sedgewick, Pete
Sedgewick, Pete
Shaw, Mick
Shaw, Mick
Sheldon, Lee
Sheldon, Mick
Sills, Mick
Sissons, Paul
Sixsmith, Mark
Skelton, Dave
Skinner, John
Smith, Graham
Smith, Mark
Smith, Stu
Spooner, Pete
Stanniland, Dave
Stanton, Paul
Stocks, John
Sullivan, Ian
Tate, Russ
Taylor, Derrick
Thistlethwhite, Dave
Thomas, Lewis
Thompson, Allan
Thompson, Roy
Todd, Mick
Tomkinson, Dave
Topham, Alan
Turner, Gary
Turner, Paul
Turner, Reg
Turton, Russ
Tyson, Dave
Unwin, Paul
Vickers, Matt
Walsh, Jim
Walters, Dave
Walters, Keith
Walters, Lee
Ward, Richard
Ward, Tom
Webster, Graham
Wesley, Matt
West, Martyn
Wheeler, Dave
Wiley, Rich
Wragg, Mark

One thought on “Time To Book Your Place

  1. Hi Bob.
    Mike Lambley (The Hind A.C. Rotherham) is missing off the list. I remember sending it in, albeit late, we’ve had a few problems in the club with officials leaving, so its been a bit up in the air.
    Can I take it he is on the list?
    If you could let me know, I’ll get some money off to You.

    All the best Bob,
    Steve Lambley
    Secretary The Hind A.C.

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