Time To Secure Your Semi Final Place


I am pleased to announce that the following anglers have qualified for the Daiwa sponsored Green Un Club Match Angler semi finals that will be staged at Hayfield Fisheries and if your name is in the list then you need to contact Geoff Hurt to pay your pools up front.

The first semi final will take place on Sunday May 5th with the second one on Monday 6th. Both will be afternoon matches.

Entry costs £20. With the exception of pegging fees both matches will be on a 100% pay-out basis. Section winners qualify for the final which will be staged on Saturday 18th May at Westwoodside Coarse Fishery.

Postal entries  are being accepting with immediate effect. A cheque or PO for £20 should be made payable to Green Un Match Anglers Championship and sent to:

Geoff Hurt, 36 Hazelbarrow Road, Jordanthorpe, Sheffield, S8 8AW

Please ensure you include your name, address, contact phone number and clearly indicate which day you would prefer to fish. If you have any queries you can always try calling him on 07921 166136 but only during sensible hours, please!

Club secretaries can submit multiple entries in one envelope if they wish providing they supply all the contact details requested.

Green Un Final

Daiwa Sports will be supporting the Championship again this year with prizes to the tune of £3,000. The competition is free to enter and open to all clubs in the Sheffield Green Un Sports newspaper circulation area which covers Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Barnsley and Chesterfield. Clubs simply have to submit their match results to greenun@sky.com Please feel free to contact me via email for further details.

If you are a Green Un regular and feel that your name is missing from the list in error then please feel free to contact me giving full details.

2013 Qualifiers

Adcock, G
Allen, C
Allen, R
Appleton, R
Aspinall, J
Bailey, M
Ball, G
Barker, M
Beasley, C
Beckett, D
Beighton, A
Bell, R
Beresford, L
Billups, L
Billups, S
Bows, M
Bradshaw, S
Buffon, A
Bunting, D
Burgin, R
Burke, M
Butler, P
Butterworth, M
Bywater, K
Campbell, P
Carthy, R
Cartwright, S
Chambers, R
Chapman, B
Chorlton, R
Clarkson, S
Copnell, T
Cornwall, J
Coultas, A
Cowley, A
Cox, N
Crampton, A
Craven, G
Crookes, P
Cross, D
Cunliffe, M
Czajkowski, D
Danforth, A
Davies, R
Davis, P
Dawson, J
Dawson, M
Dawson, P
Dawson, S
Deakin, J
Denton, D
Derrett, R
Devine, D
Devlin, A
Dobson, P
Dobson, S
Dodson, M
Donnelly, P
Donovan, P
Edward, J
Edwards, A
Edwards, J
Elliot, D
Esberger, J
Evason, J
Farram, J
Farrer, B
Flynn, J
Flynn, K
Foottit, N
Ford, B
Ford, M
Foster, R
Foster, S
Froggatt, A
Furniss, A
Gavan, D
Gelsthorpe, F
Gibson, R
Golland, T
Goring, J
Gorman, P
Gosling, D
Gosney, P
Gregory, B
Hague, M
Haley, S
Hallam, S
Hancock, P
Hancock, R
Hanson, C
Hanson, R
Hanson, S
Hanwell, M
Hardy, J
Hartley, M
Hartley, R
Hastings, J
Havenhand, A
Hawkins, A
Hawkins, I
Head, A
Henderson, C
Heywood, I
Higginbottom, K
Hill, K
Hill, R
Hinson, D
Hogan, K
Holberry, S
Holmes, M
Howell, K
Hull, P
Hull, R
Hurt, G
Hurt, P
Hutchinson, L
Johnson, D
Johnson, J
Johnson, N
Jones, I
Jones, J
Jones, L
Jordan, K
Keyworth, P
King, K
Lambley, S
Law, S
Lawrence, D
Lazenby, E
Lee, J
Leigh, T
Leng, S
Lill, A
Littlewood, S
Lord, A
Loveday, D
Marsden, A
Marshall, M
Martin, G
Maud, D
Maxtead, I
May, D
McGarry, C
Mitchell, R
Moat, B
Molyneux, D
Molyneux, V
Moore, R
Mullet, P
Munaser, F
Murray, B
Nelson, J
Nemeth, L
Newsome, S
Nicholson, H
Oldfield, P
Oldfield, T
Orridge, T
Owen, B
Owen, C
Palmer, R
Palmer, T
Parker, G
Parkes, G
Parkes, K
Parkin, T
Patrickson, D
Pearson, D
Phipps, J
Pinder, A
Poss, M
Proffitt, G
Proffitt, N
Pryor, S
Radford, D
Reading, T
Reynolds, D
Richards, B
Richardson, C
Riley, M
Robinson, D
Robinson, T
Roddis, S
Roden, E
Rodgers, D
Roper, A
Roper, P
Ross, G
Saxton, M
Sayles, D
Sayles, F
Scott, S
Searle, J
Searle, M
Searles, B
Senior, F
Serles, B
Sheldon, L
Sheldon, V
Shone, R
Simpson, C
Simpson, G
Sissons, P
Sixsmith, M
Smith, A
Smith, S
Smith, T
Soar, B
Speechley, J
Spooner, P
Stainsby, M
Stanton, P
Stevens, M
Stockwell, A
Stokes, S
Swift, D
Thomas, L
Thomas, P
Thompson, D
Thompson, R
Tollerfield, D
Tomkinson, D
Turner, G
Turner, P
Turton, D (Jnr)
Turton, D (Snr)
Turton, J
Turton, M
Turton, R
Twigg, B
Tyson, D
Wagstaffe, C
Wales, S
Walker, C
Walsh, J
Wardle, R
Wasden, S
Watson, B
Werra, A
Werra, J
West, M
West, N
White, J
White, L
White, M
Whittam, D
Wiecek, N
Wild, B
Wilde, D
Wilde, J
Willis, R
Willis, S
Wragg, M
Yates, L

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