60 Years A Trentman

It is 30 years since I last published a book in my own right, the Complete Book Of Legering (David & Charles). Since then I’ve contributed chapters to numerous books, co-wrote one (Mick and Me, LEP) with Martin Abonyi, and written a couple of thousand magazine articles and newspaper columns, but the demand for the real prize never goes away. Especially when I attend shows, bump into folk on the bank, in messages, tackle shops, you name it.

“Bob, when are you going to write another book?”

It’s flattering, humbling in fact, but clearly there’s a demand and I must confess there’s been a degree of prevarication and putting things off, not to mention a few health issues, but deep down I knew I owed it to angling, a sport that has been so kind to me, to write that book. I reasoned that if I made a good fist of this one I might never have to write another. It is a very demanding process that ends with a bunch of keyboard warriors passing judgement on you and telling the world your life’s work is rubbish!

Anyway, with time on my hands whilst recovering from the transplant operation I sat down and started fleshing out a synopsis. Boy-oh-boy! It rapidly became apparent that it simply wouldn’t all fit into one book. That’s when I decided I needed a clearer focus. I would write this book about one river only, the Trent. It would be my slant on a journey going through 6 decades. A lifetime. This would be my story.

Even then it boiled down to what I would have to leave out. And in the end I decided, nothing. Keep it taught, compact, cut the waffle. For a while the discussions were around how big this book would have to be and for big, well, that applies to cost as well I’m afraid. Producing quality books is very expensive and however hard we tried to cut the cake, it wasn’t (couldn’t) be a cheap book. That was simply not possible. Paper costs, print costs and distribution are rising constantly. As I write I’ve no idea what the finished book will cost, but I’ve made a few compromises and left out the maps and fishery guide that I really would have liked to include. Unfortunately that alone would have tipped it over into two volumes.

So what does ’60 Years’ include? Well, as near as possible, everything. My introduction to the river, my match fishing years and the journey I undertook to learn and succeed with each and every method and bait. The river’s decline and revival. Predation, pollution, the continual change in dominant species, the clean up and explosion of barbel, not to mention numerous other specimen fish species.

There are guest chapters, interviews and an eye to the future where we could yet witness massive changes. It’s all in there from my personal perspective.

As I type it is late February, 2024. I’ve still a number of loose ends to tie up after which it goes to be edited, reviewed, amendments made where necessary, diagrams created, images to select, design and layout to agree, cover design and then it will finally head off to the printers.

The book will officially launch at the Nottingham Piscatorial Society Speakers Evening at the Newark Showground early in November, 2024. I will be there, as always, happy to chat and sign books. I’m sure it will be announced officially on the Little Egret Press web site in due course and I’m guessing pre-orders will be taken through October.

So, that’s where we are at right now. Yes, it is happening. If anything we are ahead of schedule. I will keep you updated on progress through the coming months.

Tight Lines.

3 thoughts on “60 Years A Trentman

  1. Fantastic great news, I hope it has your forthright views around angling in the book, which I know can stand scrutiny.
    Your views, articles which have great flow and blogs have certainly educated me over the years. I’ve said it before and will say it again, your one of the few who can write without fear or favor.