BD&W Volume 2 Feedback

Early reviews of Volume Two were equally as good as those for the first DVD.

Graham Marsden

Graham Marsden

The very first review of Volume Two was published by Graham Marsden. In his review he stated:

“Volume 2 was made with two cameras rather than one. Both the picture and sound are better quality (not that Volume 1 was poor) and the whole thing is slicker. I’m still full of admiration for how well two blokes who are basically anglers and not film makers can put together such quality DVD’s with a couple of camcorders and a computer.


They should find an investor and take it up professionally!”

If you’d like to read the text of Graham’s full review you’ll find it here:

Steve Pope

Steve Pope

The next came from Barbel Society Chairman Steve Pope

“All I can say Stu is that the pair of you should be really proud, it’s a superb production, absolutely brilliant!
A massive step up from the first and bearing in mind that was an excellent first attempt this is praise indeed. You deserve to sell out, and I’m sure you will.
If anyone, and I mean anyone, finds anything negative to say then they are not being honest, simple as that.
I really believe the two of you should continue, the format is spot on, watching just inspires you to be there and that has to be one of the most important factors in portraying fishing visually.
So be proud mate, I see a Bafta on the horizon!”


These DVDs are now sold out and are sadly no longer available.





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