Bonus Diary Feature

As many of you will already be aware I write a regular monthly diary piece for Improve Your Coarse Fishing magazine. Unfortunately my diary won’t appear in the next issue as I’ll already be featuring in an article on tench fishing and having two articles in the same magazine would be just plain greedy.

However, the diary was written,designed and laid out just in case the tench feature was held over for the next issue, so, in fairness, it’s completely dead in the water as far as Improve is concerned, so, they’ve kindly let me publish the diary on my Scribd page. Just click on the link and you can enlarge it or even save it if you wish.

Please feel free to have a look and let me know if you like the format. I appreciate there’s a degree of material cross-over between my blog and the diary, both relate to my recent fishing but I’m sure you’ll appreciate the writing style is completely different, as are some of the images…

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