Book Extract – A Fish For All Seasons – Martin Bowler / Hugh Miles

Mpress has published an impressive array of angling books recently, something that Cliff Moulder can feel rightfully proud of, but when it comes to that very special, almost coffee table standard book, few angling books quite hit the mark, however, the two books he has created with Martin Bowler set a standard for all to aim at. Quality pictures, creative writing and brilliant reproduction.

Cliff has kindly allowed me to reproduce an extract from A Fish For All Seasons. Not just a sample of text broken up with a few images this time – oh no – this time we get the full Monty! Click on the image below and it’ll take you to my Scribd page where you can open up the pages of this terrific book in PDF format and read it exactly as it appears within the book.


A Fish For All Seasons takes you with Martin on a personal voyage through the British countryside searching out the wonderful fish that inhabit its rich waters. From carp to conger eels and onto salmon, few have experienced so much. A Fish For All Seasons celebrates our unique and magnificent environment while allowing you to understand a little better the angler who is Martin Bowler.

The book spans 30 years from Martin’s days with jam jar, net and shoal of sticklebacks to record breaking fish. Let this professional angler, Angling Times columnist and television show presenter open a door to a world of wonder and joy.

A Fish For All Seasons costs £29.99 and is available from Calm Productions.