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Match Details At A Glance

Semi Final: Monday 6th May: Semi Final at Hayton Fisheries, Retford.

Register up to 8.00am at the fishery office. Please note the on-site cafe is currently closed until the erection of a permanent building has been completed.

Draw at 8.15am

Fish 10.00am till 4.00pm

Final: Sunday 2nd June: Final at KJS Aston Springs, Snake Lake.

How To Book Your Place

To take part in the semi final you must contact the match organiser, Geoff Hurt, to pre-pay your £20 pools and pegging. This can be paid in cash direct to Geoff or by cheque or postal order made payable to Green Un Match Anglers Championship. Should you decide to enter the optional £5 pool this will be collected on the day.

Whichever way you decide to pay, you MUST include a contact telephone number. If you win your section and for any reason cannot make the final, this enables us to allocate your place to whoever came second in that section. Contact details will be treated as confidential and will not be used for marketing purposes or for any other reason other than to contact you regarding this match.

Geoff Hurt’s contact details are:

36 Hazelbarrow Road



S8 8AW

Tel: 07921 166136

The Qualifiers To Date

Ainley, Boo; Alcock, Steve; Allen, Craig; Allen, Richard; Archibald, Gaz; Bailey, Mick; Bates, Andy; Bates, Peter; Beckett, Des; Beckingham, Shane; Beightone, Andy; Beresford, Paul; Bertram, Alan; Bestall, Steve; Bishop, Neil; Bowes, Mark; Bowler, Richard; Brady, Dan; Briggs, Mick; Brotherton, Andy; Brown, Barry; Brown, Derek; Brown, Russ; Brumpton, Mick; Buckler, Mick; Burgin, Rob

Burkinshaw, Matt; Burkinshaw, Mick; Caton, Dave; Chapman, Phil; Cheshire, John; Chisholm, John; Chorlton, Ray; Clark, Tim; Clay, Graham; Clayton, Lee; Colley, Rob; Collins, Steve; Collinson, Shane; Cooke, John; Cooke, Neil; Copnell, Tony; Corbett, Bill; Coward, Mick; Creighton, Andy; Crooks, Paul; Deakin, Pete; Dearman, Shane; Derrett, Russ; Devine, Dave; Donnelly, Paul; Driver, Dave; Driver ; Fred; Easton, Shane; Eckersley, Alan; Edwards, Darren; Elliott, Dave; Eves, Chris; Eves, John; Farrer, Brian; Fern, Ronnie; Fielding, Steve; Fletcher, Tony; Flynn, Keran; Foottit, Nigel; Francis, Nev; Francis, Steve; Frith, Wayne; Furniss, Andy; Garlick, Chris; Gavan, Daniel; Golland, Tom; Gray, Pete; Grayson; Simon; Gregory, Brian; Hadfield, Ricky; Hancock, Paul; Harding, John; Harrison, Alan; Harrison, Mick; Hayhurst, Dennis; Heath, Phil; Higginbottom, Keith; Hill, Andy; Hill, Roger; Hogan, Keiran; Holberry, Dave; Holberry, Steve; Holmes, Mark; Howe, Matt; Hurt, Geoff; Hurt, Pauline; Ingram, Andy; Jackson, Kev; Jardine, Andy; Johnson, Andy; Johnson, Danny; Johnson, Neil; Jones, Les; Kelk, Liam; Kirton, Mel; Lake, Marlon; Lakin, Phil; Lambley, Mike; Lambley, Steve; Lavendar, Graham; Law, Shane; Lazenby, Ernest; Leary, Lee; Lindley, Gareth; Lockton, Steve; Lockwood, Ron; Lomas, John; Marsden, Clive; Marshall, Matt; Martin, Graham; Massey, Paul; Mawby, Geoff; May, David; McGary, Colin

Millward, Neil; Mitchell, Ron; Molyneux, Vic; Moore, Andy; Moore, John; Morgan, Shane; Morley ; Andrew; Morley, Pete; Morris, Gary; Morris, Mel; Mullett, Dave; Mycock, Chris; Myers, Danny; Neall, John; Newsome, Steve; Newsome, Tom; O’Connor, Bernard; Oldfield, Terry; Palmer, Matt; Parkes, Kev; Parsisson, Craig; Patrickson, Dave; Perkins, Brod; Pinder, Kev; Pogson, Mick; Proffitt, Greg; Quick, Alan; Richardson, Billy; Roberts, Carl; Robinson, dean; Robinson, Trevor; Ross, George; Sargeson, Alan; Saxton, Malcolm; Sayles, Frank; Sayles, Mick; Searles, Brian; Sedgewick, Pete; Shaw, Tony; Sheldon, Lee; Simpson, Mick; Sixsmith, Mark; Skelton, Dave; Smith, Liam; Smith, Mark; Smith, Stu; Smith, Terry; Smith, Wayne; Spooner, Pete; Stacey, Andy; Stanniland, Dave; Stanton, Paul; Stocks, John; Sullivan, Josh; Tate, Mel; Thompson Matt; Todd, Mick; Tomkinson, Dave; Topham, Alan; Turner, Ann; Turner, Gary; Turner, Paul; Turner, Reg; Walsh, Jim; Walters, Keith; Ward, Ian; Ward, Tom; Wardle, Richard; Webster, Graham; Wheeler, Dave; Wilburn, Andy; Wilkinson, Graham; Wood, Fred; Wragg, Mark; Young, John.