Dear Diary Parts Five and Six

Back in 1992 I wrote a series for David Hall called Tales From The Riverbank – Dear Diary in which I recounted stories about what I’d been up to in recent weeks. It was arguably a template for the blogs we read today on the Internet. Here’s part five. Just click on the Image and it’ll open up as a pdf document…


Now a confession. I’m absolutely gutted. I have somehow managed to lose part of the next instalment. I have the first page and that’s it. Somewhere out there someone will have a copy of the September 1992 edition of David Hall’s Coarse Fishing – probably Dave Gawthorne or some other collector of angling antiquities. If you have one, or know of someone who has and you can put me in touch, please, please do so. I don’t need the mag, just a copy of the article or a pdf so I can upload it here where it will be stored in perpetuity.


Here’s Page One…

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