The Complete Book Of Legering (Revised) Chapter 7 – The Dink Dink


The Complete Book Of Legering (Revised) Chapter 7 The Dink Dink   What a method this is. When first revealed in print in the Complete Book Of Legering I imagine Continue Reading →

The Complete Book Of Legering (Revised) – Chapter Five


Back in the early Nineties I wrote a book called the Complete Book Of Legering. It received tremendous praise from critics far and wide and very soon all 6,000 copies had been snapped Continue Reading →

Tales Of The Riverbank – Part 10


And so began a writing career that has swept me along on a tidal wave ever since. Without Colin it would never have begun. He found that spark within me and fanned the flames. Previously I just wanted to catch fish, that’s all. I never even dreamed of writing or anything else… Continue Reading →

Welcome to Bob Roberts Online


Pike blur

Welcome to Bob Roberts Online, my continually evolving presence on the worldwide web. Let’s hope you find the content both entertaining and informative. Have a good root around and you’ll be Continue Reading →