The Coarse Angler Years

We all have to start somewhere, I suppose. I never held any ambition to be a writer, a photographer or a film maker when I left school at the tender age of 15. As for running a web site, the Internet hadn’t even been invented back then. I was just passionate about fishing, that’s all. I just wanted to catch fish and I wasn’t too bad at that but it’s one hell of a steep learning curve to go from fishing down the local pond to getting your mug plastered all over the papers.

Not that I actually wanted to do that. Far from it. But winning matches raises your profile and there ain’t much you can do about that. Colin Dyson, editor of Coarse Angler magazine, spent a year pursuading me to pen my first article and ‘pen’ is quite apt because my early articles were all handwritten. No-one owned a computer in those days. It wasn’t meant to last but 25 years later I’m still at it. I caught the bug, got swept up with enthusiasm and since then my entire life has been gradually shaped by fishing.

Dust sheet 2

This little project may be seen as a gross act of indulgence by some. You see I’ve decided to create my own archive containing scanned copies of the articles I wrote as a callow youth. Scroll down and you’ll find the first 5 years worth of my articles gathered together as ‘The Coarse Angler Years’. Eventually I hope to create the Coarse Fishing Years, the Let’s Go Fishing Years, Coarse Fisherman and Improve Your Coarse Fishing Years. I might get round to Advanced Carp, Angling Times and other stuff eventually.

Of course it’s an indulgence, but so is going fishing…

I’ve compiled them in yearly collections. Each opens up as a flip book with each page appearing exactly as it it did in the original magazine and the best way to read them is to click on the text. Do that and it resizes and you can navigate the page by moving your mouse. When you’re done click once more and you’re back again at the compact size. The arrows at either side of the page take you back and forth to the next pages. You’ll see I’ve thrown in a few bonus items, too, – letters from readers, from Colin, pages from my diary, random photographs and so on.

I believe you can copy the files, print them, file them, indeed do whatever you wish. However, if you decide to embed them in your own web site then at least be decent enough to tell me and include a prominent link back to this site.

Other than that, please enjoy them…


5 thoughts on “The Coarse Angler Years

  1. Was really looking forward to reading the articles but unfortunately android just says plug in not supported well just have to wait till I get home and try it on the laptop

  2. Gutted as you are to learn that, Keith. You might like to try this link and see if it can resolve your compatability problem:

    At a quick glance it suggests you go to on your phone browser and take it from there.

    You’ll find my library under my username of:

    If this is a workable solution I’d appreciate it if you let me have a bit of feedback if only to help others who might encounter the same problem.

    • Hi Bob I tried the as you suggested but when I tried to upload it said I needed adobe flash player tried to upload flash player but its not supported by android I’ll speak to my son at the weekend who is significantly more knowledgeable about these things than myself and let you know if I have any success

  3. My Adobe Flash player has vanished from my lap top on three occasions of late.I go to youtube and install it again.Very strange,but I can now read the articles.

  4. It seems phones are not keen to support flash player and there doesn’t seem any available alternative, an app called puffin was suggested but it didn’t work apparently they want everyone to move onto HTML 5 but enjoyed reading the articles on the laptop thanks Bob for making them available I’m going to look at my feeder set up after reading the article