2016 Championship Semi Final Two

Semi Two

Bank Holiday Monday delivered yet another challenging day for our second Club Match Angler Championship semi finalists. With a bitter northeast wind hacking straight down the open waters of Kingfisher Lake it was never going to be an easy day for the qualifiers although the outcome was not quite as unpredictable as the first semi when Mel Barker triumphed with a fabulous net of chub.

This time out normal service was resumed and all the leading weights were made up with F1 carp, although getting them to settle down and feed for any length of time proved challenging. Gary Brookes took full advantage of his end-peg draw and cruised into the final with over 80lbs, 20lbs clear of runner-up Tom McGrath.


  1. Gary Brookes 80-14
  2. Tom McGrath 60-12
  3. Paul Stanton 48-8
  4. Steve Newsome 47-2
  5. Roger Hill 44-6
  6. Gary Morris 32-12

Winner’s Dossier

Gary Brookes, a 53-year-old retired miner from Maltby, fed 4mm pellets on the long pole line presenting a 6mm banded pellet on the hook beneath a jigger float set between two and 3 feet deep. He caught mainly F1 carp throughout the match at Peg 83. Although he was kept busy throughout he did find time to play ‘knight in shining armour’ when Jamie Unsworth, on the next peg, had his top 3 pole sections come adrift whilst playing a fish. Spotting what had happened Brookes picked up his feeder rod and cast over the rapidly disappearing pole sections to rescue both the precious carbon sections and the hooked fish. Asked if he was now looking forward to the final on Bank End’s prolific Match Lake, he told the Star, “Bank End can be peggy but if I get the right draw then yes, I will certainly fancy my chances.”


Please Note

If you are one of the lucky finalists but for any reason cannot make the match, please, please contact the match organiser, Geoff Hurt on 07921 166136. Your place will then be offered to whoever finished second in your qualifying section.

Special Mentions

Pauline and Geoff Hurt who have done all the legwork in organising this and every other Club Match Angler Championship finals event for the past 15 years – it simply couldn’t exist without their dedication to the cause.

Daiwa Sports for generously supporting the competition for the 5th year in a row.

Gary Simpson of the https://slipfishin.net/ web site for stepping in and taking all the images used here. You’re a budding star Gary!


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