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Barbel Days And Ways Volume Two

Barbel Days And Ways Volume Two

Barbel Days And Ways Volume Two has been a massive hit with our customers. If you’re wondering if it can bannish the closed season blues then just have a read at what they’ve been saying:




Just watched it and it’s a great addition to part one. The underwater shots are amazing and I can remember getting those bites. Impossible to hit aren’t they, but after this its opened my eyes . Yes it was almost like being back on the Swale.

Steve Southwick


Many thanks for the early arrival of your latest instalment, and may I say what a pleasure it was to watch. The underwater footage was fantastic. When you can see a barbel turn with your bait but not get hooked it does make you think.
The format this time was different with you both sat in the bar introducing different segments, but it worked well. Seeing the centrepin spinning was a great idea for a shot, it’s what every Barbel Fisher waits for, well done.
Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing Volume Three.

Will Carter


Many thanks for getting Vol 2 through to me so quickly. I enjoyed Vol 1 very much but I think this surpasses it for insights, visuals, great fish and sheer enjoyment. Well done – my congratulations to you and Stuart.
How’s Vol 3 coming along?

David Parker

Have just finished watching Volume 2. Wow!
Hats off to you and Stu. What a brilliant DVD. Again I’ve learnt so much.
As for the music, no complaints at all on this DVD.
Hope volume 3 will be out soon.

Alan Calcott


Brilliant videos. Underwater camera action is superb. Is a 3rd video in the making?

Patricia Maynard


It arrived the following morning. Thanks for that.
Thoroughly enjoyed watching it – particularly the “technical stuff”.

Andy Mortimer


Please be assured that all the hard work is worthwhile. 

The DVD is superb and captures why we go out in pursuit of these magical fish week in week out. The underwater photography is particularly enlightening and makes you question traditional beliefs. 

Enjoyed the Kennet piece as I have been fishing there this year and have had some pretty good results.  This has fired me up with some new ideas for next season to hopefully improve further. 

Only problem is that there is three months to wait!!  

Congratulations to you, Stu and the production team for a job well done. You can be justifiably proud of the result.

Volume 3 ?????

Geoff Sykes


It was a great surprise to find Barbel days and Ways Volume 2 waiting for me when I got in from work on Saturday morning, my girlfriend had ordered it for me and kept it quiet!
I was well impressed with the film. My hat goes off to you and Stu, you’ve achieved something to be very proud of.
The underwater footage was absolutely brilliant and fascinating to watch. When I watch the underwater scenes I always think about how it would be great to see how they react to a big meat hook bait. Is it the pink fish scarer everyone says it is?

Maybe an idea for a future volume?
I look forward to future volumes, and again, well done!

Matt White


Have just received  the DVD. The first one is good, this one’s better.
Nick Adams


Even better than the first. Fantastic footage and interesting info.

Alan Whittington


Received the DVD just over an hour ago. ABSOLUTLY BRILLIANT !

The sound is much better than on Vol 1 and the underwater footage out of this world.

Presentation and interview with Steve Pope first class.

Keep them coming.

Malcolm Smith (Grumpy Old Angler)


I received volume 2 on Saturday morning, having ordered it only the previous day!
ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT – keep up the good work!
I thought the balance and volume of the music, bird song and the river noises were spot on and the photography(videography) was outstanding and I look forward to subsequent volumes.

David Moss-Allison


Are you lot fab or what!!!!!
Wendy and Mark Saunders


The DVD arrived this morning what fantastic service.

Brian Regent


The DVD arrived this morning. I’ve had a look and my first impression is that you’ve done a really first class job again. I thought the underwater footage was stunning, what an eye opener! The overall look of the DVD is great, there are one or two minor faults if they can be called that, the most obvious being the music, you said you’d toned it down a little, sadly at one point it’s almost completely drowned out. But it does’nt spoil the enjoyment. Can we look forward to volume 3? 

Ken Bennett


Now thats what i call service.

Look forward to the third !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Glen Boxall


The DVD arrived the day after I received your email,  IT IS BRILLIANT!!  When is Volume three coming out?  I’ve watched it four times already and the wife has threatened to hide it!  Thanks very much and keep up the good work..

Stephen Davies

 So, don’t take our word for it, take theirs.

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