Bob’s 2011 Calendar

I had a message through the site last night from Graham Parry asking I would be creating another calendar this year. I replied to the effect it hadn’t crossed my mind but he shouldn’t rule anything out.

Well, 12 hours later, here it is!

Unfortunately, being a mad, impulsive plonker I’ve only rushed the design, uploaded it, sat back to admire my handywork and then realised I’ve forgotten to put my web address or name on it but there’s no way I’m re-editing and re-uploading it all.

Anyway, feel free to enjoy it all the same. Although I say it myself there are some rather nice images that may just give you a bit of inspiration if you’re struggling to catch or just can’t find enough time to go fishing…

First of all, here’s a link to my Scribd pages where you’ll find not just the calendar but a number of archived articles.

If you want to see or download the first half of the calendar (January to June) simply click on the image below:

 The second part (July to December) is available by clicking on the image below:


For a short while it’ll be available for download or screen viewing at Smilebox but after that you’ll have no choice but to download or print it from my Scribd page.

Click to play this Smilebox calendar
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Calendar made with Smilebox

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