Dear Diary – Part One

Dear Diary – Part One

This article was originally published in David Hall’s Coarse Fishing way back in April 1992 and it was the first in a new series I wrote for the magazine. You could say it was a forerunner of today’s angling blogs.

They really were halcyon days for me, a truly exciting time when the magazine world was very different to the one we know today. Anglers were encouraged to write about their experiences rather than how to shot a float or tie a knot and in my humble opinion it meant the actual entertainment factor was much higher even if it was at the cost of instructional content.

Anyway, you can squint at the image below but you’ll be far better off clicking the link (img121). This will open up a pdf file in a new window that you can click onto full screen mode and then enlarge with the ‘plus’ button.


Part Two will go up tomorrow if I get a chance.