Time For Some MeTube

Digging through my hard drives recently in search of a particular photo I came across a bunch of long forgotten video clips that seemed rather too good to waste. Lacking enthusiasm to do much fishing in this God awful weather I decided to challenge my creative skills instead and make these clips into a short film. Only when I got well into it did I realise my first fatal flaw. I didn’t have a Youtube channel…

So I created one!

Youtube Header 400

The page visuals and content need a bit of work but I’m sure I’ll get there eventually. At least I now have a platform on which to share any clips I do decide to create in the future. For now, here’s my production debut. I do hope you enjoy it, after all there are some cracking fish including a potential record golden orfe.

Have a watch and feel free to share your feedback. Who knows, with the right kind of encouragement I might start carrying the camera more often.


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